10 Easy Ways To Make Money As a Student

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You just can’t wait to be a billionaire, but for right now, you’re still in high school. You’ve got baseball practice, homework, and you have to pick up your sister from dance class every Thursday. But you still have that insatiable urge to make money! Good for you! Just because you don’t have time to make million-dollar deals doesn’t mean you can’t do stuff around your neighborhood to earn some money. 

So, we here at Ideal are here to help you with some ideas. I’m going to tell you the 10 best jobs that you can do in your neighborhood to line your pockets with a little extra cash. These are the 10 best ways to make money in your neighborhood for teenagers! 

Sell Beverages

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You’d really be surprised how much money you can make selling drinks to passersby. Plus, it can be pretty fun if you get one of your friends to do it with you. In the heat of the summer, grab a cooler, fill it with cold waters and Gatorades, and go stand in your local park. 

You can get a case of 40 Poland Spring Water bottles for like $7. You sell that whole case for $1 apiece, and you just made $33! Easy! When the weather turns cold, start selling coffee or hot chocolate. If you have office buildings near your house, set up a little stand where you can sell coffee to the suits walking to work. 

Not only will you make money, but you’ll develop hard selling skills that will come in handy when you need to make those million-dollar deals later in life. But, if you want to be a millionaire someday, you’re probably going to have to be pretty smart. Well, who says those smarts can’t make money for you now?

Tutor Kids in Your Neighborhood

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So, you’re in a junior or senior in high school, all of the older kids are off at college, and the adults all have to go to work all day. That means you’re the best option for tutoring young kids! Plenty of parents are willing to hire tutors for their kids, and a lot of them pay very handsomely. 

If you’re particularly good at one subject, you could offer tutoring in that subject or just general tutoring services. A good place to start might be posting paper ads at your local elementary school or supermarket, or you could walk around your neighborhood and offer your services as a tutor. You could even sign up on a website like Tutor.com and make a profile. 

You’ve been studying hard for your entire life, so why not start making money on your knowledge earlier rather than later?

Maybe you don’t really consider yourself a teacher, though, and you’d rather just spend time with kids without having to think about academics. Well, this next job is one of the oldest ways to make money in the book. 


babsitter and kids

Honestly, I know everyone’s parents have said to them at one point or another, “Hey, why don’t you try to get a job babysitting?” And, of course, that makes us not want to get a job babysitting. But… they’re kind of right. 

Babysitting is a super-easy way to make money without having to work all that hard. I mean, most of the time, babysitting really involves just being fairly responsible, making sure kids do their homework, get dinner, and go to sleep on time. 

A lot of the time you can even get your own homework done while babysitting. Doing schoolwork and getting paid? That’s what I call killing two birds with one stone! 

So, get up off the couch and walk around your neighborhood and introduce yourself to people. Let them know that you’re interested in babysitting, and I can almost guarantee you’ll have a job in no time! You can also start a profile on websites like Sittercity.com or Care.com!

Either way, babysitting is an easy way to make good money, especially if you like young kids. Maybe you can’t stand little kids, though, and would rather just put your AirPods in and do some scrubbing. Well, that’s a great way to make money too! 

Clean Houses

house cleaning

Cleaning is a thing that no one really wants to do, but everyone has to do it eventually unless you want to live in complete filth, that is. However, that means that there are a ton of people out there who would be willing to pay you to clean their house or apartment. 

If you live in an apartment building, try posting flyers in the common areas like the hallways or laundry room, and I guarantee you’ll have people blowing up your phone. If you live in a house, try walking around your neighborhood and telling people about your services. Lots of people will pay between $100 and $200 for you to clean their house. 

Bring your AirPods with you, toss on a playlist on Apple Music, and get scrubbing. You’ll see your bank account growing in no time! While we’re talking about cleaning, another thing that people need to be cleaned every once and a while is their car! 

Wash Cars

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If you’ve ever been part of a high school club or sports team, you might have had a car wash to raise money. But, you don’t have to wait for your school’s approval to have a car wash, you can do it just for the sake of putting money in your own pocket!

Get a few of your friends together, make some big signs on posterboards that say “Car Wash $20” and people will be pulling into your driveway and handing you money. This is probably the most fun way to make money on a hot summer day. You and your friends will get to splash each other with water, listen to some tunes in the front yard, and when it’s all said and done, you’ll have some spending money for whatever it is you kids do today. 

Want that new Ultimate Upgrade Pack for Fortnite? Get outside and start washing some cars! Another good way to spend some time outside and get paid for it is to become a sports trainer! 

Become a Sports Trainer

basketball coach

No, you don’t have to have played in the NBA or the NFL to be a sports trainer. In the increasingly competitive world of sports, parents are willing to pay athletes to come to their houses, or to the park, and spend an hour or so training their kids. 

Maybe little Johnny needs some help with his jump shot. Well, Johnny’s parents could pay you as much as $100 an hour to rebound for him and correct his shooting form. If you’re an athlete and you want to earn some extra cash, start making flyers for your training services, go to local parks and gyms and start networking with parents. 

If you can get hired as a trainer, you get to spend time outside and you get paid to do what you love: play sports! But, maybe your not so into sports, and you’re more of an animal lover. I think you know where this is going. 

Pet Sitting

pet sitter

For some of us, nothing brings us more joy than spending time with animals. So, pet sitting is basically a dream job! When people go away on vacation or have to be at work, you can watch over their pets, and actually get paid for it! 

Did you know that some people actually pay to cuddle with a therapy dog these days? Well, not you! Market yourself in your neighborhood as a pet sitter, and you can get paid to nestle up next to that cute little Shih Tzu. 

Check out the Rover app. It’s a great way to start a profile and start selling your pet sitting services. You can also make flyers or just talk to your neighbors who you know have pets. If you enjoy spending time with animals, pet sitting is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to make money out there! 

This next job can also be really enjoyable, particularly for any artists that might be reading this article.

Teach Art Lessons

art lessons

If you love to paint or draw, you might find that parents in your neighborhood are willing to pay you to help improve their kids’ artistic skills. But it’s not reserved to just painting, giving music lessons, dance lessons, or teaching any form of art is a great way to earn some money while also honing your own skills as an artist

Try advertising at your local elementary schools or posting ads in your local supermarket. Putting ads in the newspaper is also a good way to get the word out about your services. 

But, what if you want to make some income that’s a little more passivewhere you don’t have to show up and teach lessons every day? If you have a little money saved up already, this next gig is a pretty cool way to make some cash. 

Buy a Vending Machine

vending machine

You heard me right. I bet this has never even crossed your mind. But yeah, you can go out and buy a vending machine, and let it bring you a steady stream of income! You can buy a vending machine for around $2,000, which is a lot of cash, but if you put it in a good location, it’s going to pay off real quickly. 

Ask your school if you can put your vending machine in one of the hallways. If they say no, ask all of the other schools in the district. They’ll probably respect your entrepreneurial spirit and say, “Go for it!” You’ll probably have to stock your vending machine by yourself, but if it’s at your school anyway, you can just do it between classes! 

Talk to the other kids in your school and see what snacks they like if you want to see your sales go up. Your vending machine will go profitable in no time! 

Now, owning a vending machine is pretty cool, but I think this next gig is without a doubt the coolest on the list.

Become a DJ

disc jockey

Who doesn’t want to be a DJ? You have to admit that DJs look pretty freakin’ cool standing up there behind the turntables. And all you really need to get started is a switchboard, which you can get for a couple hundred bucks! 

Next, you make a playlist of fire tracks, learn how to blend those songs together, and boom, you’re a DJ and the ladies love you. DJing isn’t just a great way to make money, it’s also super fun to learn. Soon, you can be playing birthday parties, school events, bar mitzvahs, whatever! All while getting paid and having a blast! 

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