Sometimes referred to as monkey bars, ape hangers are those motorcycle handlebars that are of such exaggerated height that you actually have to reach up to grab them. Obviously, they earned these nicknames because they make you look like an orangutan when you grab them. 

If you’re interested in getting involved in the world of real estate investment, one of the best ways to start building your empire is by following the BRRRR Method.

Whether you’re an ecommerce entrepreneur or an avid shopper, you should definitely be looking into Bread Finance. This online financing platform allows consumers to buy things like furniture, jewelry, technology, and other goods by spreading the payment out over a span of months.

This list is going to cover 10 absolutely wild electric cars just to show what kind of variety and insanity is out there. In fact, we have everything from garage builds to one-off racecars and specialty concepts.

Stuck in our cars, driving aimlessly through a mountain road, or cruising late at night in the dark with nothing to distract us. Or, even worse, you're stuck in traffic staring into the distance as you creep slowly, contemplating, thinking, philosophizing.