5 Reasons to Own a Classic Muscle Car


Have you ever dreamt about sitting in the driver’s seat of a 1968 Ford Mustang with your hair flowing in the wind, a beautiful woman sitting next to you and some rock n’ roll on the radio. Well, you could make this dream a REALITY.

You could buy a classic muscle car for cheap TODAY, but TOMORROW they might be out of your budget. These mean machines are back on the rise in terms of popularity and price, so you might want to hurry up. Plus, if you didn’t know, these cars a F***ING AWESOME!!!

So if you’re wondering: should I buy a cheap classic car? The answer is a hard YES. And we’re going to tell you why.

Reason #1: They’re a whole different kind of driving. 

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Let’s just start off by saying that if you’re reading this, you probably understand that the car you buy isn’t just about the gas mileage or the engine specs or the 100,000-mile warranty that it comes with. It’s about the feeling of cruising down the road with the windows cracked and the rumble of the road at your feet. It’s about that emotional connection your form with your car and the memories you make behind the wheel.

With features like electronic steering, electronic braking systems, and the all-controlling nannies being included in almost every new car that comes on the market, the feeling is being taken out of driving. While the absence of these features makes classic muscle cars less safe, it also makes them a hell of a lot more fun to drive. Just you, your ride and the open road. Your control of your car is the only thing keeping you in your lane.

 For those of us who know the joys of driving, there’s no substitute for the rev and rumble of a classic muscle car like a Camaro or a Challenger. It genuinely saddens me that the appreciation for these kinds of cars and the feeling they give you is dwindling as we move into an age of cars with assisted steering and cars that drive themselves. Yeah, I’m talking to you, Tesla. Makes me wonder if Elon Musk has ever even test-driven a classic…

While I understand why manufacturers have moved away from the muscle car model, mostly in pursuit of greater gas mileage and improvements in safety features, there really is a unique feeling of driving one of these old-school sets of wheels that is quickly being lost in today’s car market. 

So get out of your Toyota Prius, jump being the wheel of an AMC Javelin, and you’ll see EXACTLY what I mean!

And if you’ve ever tried to do self-repairs on a 2020 Toyota Prius, I’m sure you didn’t have much luck. Which brings up another amazing aspect of owning a classic car.

Reason #2: They’re easy to work on.

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Good luck trying to fix all the ultra-complicated electrical wiring in your Tesla Model X. Car repairs these days require a Master’s degree and a 5-year period of on-the-job technical training.

 In all reality, the majority of people are completely helpless when it comes to repairing their cars, and so they end up spending a fortune at the mechanic’s to have them tweak wires and take apart the million little bolts and valves that are involved in newer engines.

Self-repairing classic cars is a cinch! Most of the time, all you’re going to need is a wrench and a willingness to get a little motor oil on your jeans. Not familiar whatsoever with car mechanics? No problem! There are countless YouTube videos out there that’ll walk you through step-by-step how to repair your classic muscle car. Try to find a video that tells you how to repair an engine on a 2019 Ferrari 488. You can’t! Why? Because new engines are so damn complicated. Engines on classic cars are easy to understand!

And on top of that, there’s nothing like the feeling of getting your hands a little dirty and doing your own repairs. It’ll only make you feel that much closer to your badass classic. Plus, even though they’re old, spare parts from the muscle car era are still widely available at auto repair shops for VERY affordable prices. Can’t say the same about the intricate bits and pieces of a modern car.

 And if you want to make your muscle car even more YOURS, you’re in luck. Because these cars are super easy to customize. You can easily throw a shaker hood on your Mustang all by yourself and draw the eyes of every person in the parking lot. Plus, they’re easy to restore too, which leads me to my next point. 

Reason #3: They can be a solid investment.

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In general, cars aren’t typically thought of as an investment opportunity. If you don’t believe me, check out our video Trucks with the WORST Resale Value.

Most people end up selling their cars used for SIGNIFICANTLY less than they originally paid for it. But what if I told you there were cars that actually APPRECIATED in value. That’s right, as classic muscle cars become more and more rare, and since this kind of car is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity, you might actually be able to resell your muscle car for MORE than you bought it for. Especially if you’re willing to go through the trouble of doing some restoration work. 

There’s an entire industry surrounding restoring classic muscle cars and reselling them for large sums of money. You may have even seen one of the shows on TV like Overhaulin’ or Counting Cars where they do just that! 

Now, I’m not suggesting you go out and buy a hunk of rusted junk and try to restore it if you know nothing about car repairs. But if you’re willing to do a bit of research and learn how to make improvements to an already-nice classic car, you might end up with a solid chunk of change in your pocket when you decide to sell the thing. 

Let’s look at the case of the absolutely classic 1968 Ford Mustang. From September 2017 to now, average sale price of this badass ‘Stang actually went up around $8,000! That means you get 3 years of driving around one of the coolest cars on the planet, and you’re even gonna make a profit if you decide to sell it! That’s what I call a win-win! 

And speaking of coolness, we haven’t even talked about the curb appeal of classic muscle cars yet! 

Reason #4: That curb appeal!


There’s a reason you often see muscle cars as a main featured in some of your favorite movies. That sweet 1970 Chevy Chevelle in Dazed and Confused, that 1969 Dodge Charger in Dukes of Hazzard, and the MILLIONS of muscle cars that cameo throughout the Fast & Furious series. 

These cars just have an undeniable coolness factor. When you pull up on the curb, people immediately see the style. The simple straight lines running down the body, those classic headlights that stare at you like the eyes of a tiger, the chrome accents that give old school muscle cars their signature flair. Cars today just don’t have the same style as they did back in the day. Sure, modern sports cars have a certain style in their own right. But if you ask me, they don’t compare to the appearance of raw power that you get with a car like a Chevy Camaro or a Ford Mustang

Anyone who’s got the money can buy a shiny new Lexus, but driving a muscle car is a way to show your personality. It tells people that you have taste. And with how easy these things are to customize, you don’t have to stop at just the stock body. Throw on a body kit and a spoiler, get a sick new paint job. Classic cars are your canvas for creating your perfect ride. 

I guarantee if you drive a classic pony car, you’re going to get some serious props from the old-timers, respect from your friends, and maybe even some looks from the ladies. 

AND you’ll be keeping a major part of American automotive history alive, which brings us to the next reason.

Reason #5: Preserving car culture.


While classic cars may not have all the up-to-date technologies that most new car drivers are looking for these days, they do have a certain nostalgic value. And everyone who drives one is playing a vital role in preserving an important era in automotive history.

 The muscle car is arguably the most quintessential piece of americana ever made. It represents a time where car manufacturers in the United States separated themselves from the rest of the world and created an entirely new class of car that was purely American

There are innumerable classic car clubs out there that gather to celebrate the greatness of these cars, and it’s easy to find a community that values and appreciates these cars as much as you might. So by choosing to drive one of these cars, you’re preserving a moment in American history in which American manufacturers were front and center on the world’s car manufacturing stage. Plus, in the meanwhile, you’re guaranteed to make some pretty special memories yourself.

Most people who drive a classic muscle car drive it for life. For one, because they’re so easy to repair that you can make them last forever with consistent maintenance. And two, because people who drive them are proud to be behind that wheel. 

So, if you want to know whether or not you should get a cheap classic muscle car, the answer is yes… if you think you can handle it. 

Got a favorite muscle car? Mustang Stallion? Plymouth Barracuda? Corvette Stingray? Let us know! 

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