5 SURPRISINGLY Cheap Cars Instagram LOVES

ford mustang instagram king

What’re the hottest cars on Instagram? DDE’s McLaren? TJ Hunt’s Ferrari? Stradman’s Lambos? Nope! You’re going to be blown away by the kind of cars that’ve been elevated to Instagram immortality. Heck, you might even have one in your driveway!

Close down your IG app and listen up! If you want to know the 5 cars that Instagram absolutely loves, here’s where you’re going to find out! 

Jeep Wrangler

2018 custom jeep wrangler
Mecum Auctions

You know what Kylie Jenner, the queen of Instagram, and my fiance Youtube Girlfriend have in common? No, it’s not their dashing good looks, it’s that they both drive a Jeep Wrangler! It’s the off-road rig that’s making waves in the world of social media!

#jeepwrangler has been used over 3.9 million times on the ‘Gram, and #wrangler adds another 3.9 mil to that. I think it’s safe to say most of those posts can be attributed to American-made off-roading vehicles, and not to the brand of blue jeans. Oh wait, no I guess that’s not true. 

Not quite sure why people feel a need to post pictures of their pants, but hey, to each their own. 

Anyway, there are some seriously awesome Instagram accounts out there dedicated to Jeep’s most popular model. First is obviously @youtubegirlfriend, which if you’re not following, you definitely should be! Also, you got @jeep_wranglers, who’s posting awesome content like this picture of a plated-up Wrangler and some military jets taking formation in the background. 

If that isn’t American, I don’t know what is. No wonder their account’s got 729,000 followers and growing every day. 

Another account that’s killing the Instagram game is @jeep.world with 347,000 followers, and posts like this mean-looking Jeep with some crazy body mods. 

Basically all of the top videos on YouTube involve people testing the Wrangler’s off-road prowess, dragging this 4×4 through the mud and purposely trying to get it stuck. But one of our favorite videos has got to be this guide to building a mini Wrangler RC car.

Though that video definitely seems a little unnecessary, it’s really a testament to how iconic the Wrangler design has become, and Jeepers everywhere will tell you that they wouldn’t trade in their boxy off-roader for the most expensive Italian sportscar on the market. 

Plus, when you have super rich celebrities like Kevin Hart, Floyd Mayweather, LeBron James, Beyonce, and the queen of instagram herself Kylie Jenner driving Wranglers, you know they’re a rig that loves the camera. 

But, if you’re more into fast cars than lifted off-roaders and you want to get more likes on the ‘Gram, you’ve got to get yourself a GT-R!

Nissan GT-R

custom nissan gtr

No, GT-R does not stand for “Gram Tweet Repost”, but at this point, it might as well, because this thing’s ripping through Insta like Godzilla through the heart of Tokyo. I doubt the Japanese giant Nissan knew that the GT-R would still be trending up and down Instagram 51 years after they built the first one in 1969. 

#gtr has been used over 8.4 million times on the ‘Gram; however, a lot of those posts aren’t really pictures of Nissan’s iconic supercar. No, actually a lot of them are Spanish- and Turkish-speaking people selling followers.

But #nissangtr has also been used 1.9 million times by Instagram users and you won’t find that hashtag on Turkish spam! If you search Nissan GT-R on YouTube, of course, the first thing you’re going to find is a video of Paul Walker cruising his Skyline GT-R through Japan that’s got almost 29 million views. Good to know us gearheads are preserving this legend’s legacy. 

But, if you look a little further, you’re going to find a whole lot of videos of GT-Rs racing against supercars that are far more expensive, like this one where it goes toe-to-toe with a Bugatti Veyron that got over 28 million views. 

And this one versus a Lexus LFA with 16 million. 

Or this one where it takes on a Lamborghini Aventador with 16 million. 

While the GT-R didn’t take home a trophy in all of these races, the fact that these cars can even compete with these ultra-expensive supercars is why the GT-R has gathered such a cult following. 

Nissan markets their flagship sports car as a “supercar you can drive every day”, and the fact that you can get a 2009 Nissan GT-R with 480 horsepower like the one we found for under $53,000 is a big reason why you see GT-R posts on IG doing Ariana Grande numbers, like @Nissan_GTR_Lovers who’s got 520,000 followers. Doesn’t really add up to Ariana’s 223 million, but that’s pretty hard to compete with. 

But, if you love crowds, luckily there’s a one-trick pony that gets all the likes! Yes, the Ford Mustang is like Cristiano Ronaldo of the car world!

Ford Mustang

2018 custom ford mustang

In case you didn’t know, the soccer star/pretty boy has more followers than anyone else on Instagram with 265 million. And whether that’s because of his soccer skills or because ladies like looking at his abs, we may never really know. 

But what we do know is that the Mustang has out-posted all those common commuter cars and even all those exotic supercars. And it makes sense when you consider that Ford’s been churning out this model for over 55 years, and over 500,000 examples of the latest generation have been sold since 2015. 

#mustang has been used over 13 million times on IG. So, if you lie awake at night contemplating how to become as Insta-famous as Billie Eilish, you might want to consider making a Mustang-related account before you run off and dye your hair green. 

@MustangFanClub has picked up over 418,000 followers since its birth, and it’s literally only posts of Mustangs! 

Same thing with @WorldOfMustang, who’s garnered over 440,000 followers with nothing but photos of Ford’s powerful pony. 

And the ‘Stang isn’t only an American obsession, it seems like it’s been picking up some serious steam over in Eastern Europe as well. Serbian YouTuber A4 dropped a video about the one he picked up back in 2018, and since then it’s been viewed over 7 million times! A4’s subscriber count has risen to over 28.4 million, and he’s got his ‘Stang to thank for that. Well, that and his whole eating under water gimmick.

Honda Civic 

2020 honda civic
Car and Driver

The Civic’s been shifting the face of the internet more than Zoom has been shifting the way your grandparents nag you about coming to visit them. Instagram has seen over 7.2 million posts captioned #civic, and there are some Insta-famous accounts out there devoted solely to the Civic that are putting up some serious numbers. 

@OfficialHondaCivicFans has grabbed a solid 140,000 followers, and @HondaProjason has almost as much clout with 141,000. He even got over 10,000 likes on this picture of a hauler full of Civics. 

Hey, it’s not Kylie Jenner numbers, but it’s still pretty damn good for a Civics-only IG account. Another reason Honda Civics are super popular on Instagram could just be that they won the numbers game. There are more Civics on the road than there are pictures of chai lattes or dogs on the ‘Gram! And that’s because these cars undeniably reliable.

They’re known to survive well over 200,000 miles, and when you see a car living that long, it makes sense why they’re flooding the used market. Plus, people like them because they’re extremely easy to customize. They’re low-budget builds, there’s a ton of aftermarket parts for them, and it’s unfortunately easy to swap their engines out with a Corvette LS, making them a common target for ricers!

Kudos to the folks at Honda for building a car that’s gone totally viral, but when I see posts like these ricer builds full-on invading my timeline, it makes me want to hit the delete button and fade into social media obscurity.

But ricers aren’t the only ones buzzing about the Civic, rappers seem to like it too. Canadian rapper Torey Lanez has a song titled Honda Civic with 3 million views on Youtube, and German rapper Bonez MC has a song with the same name with 30 million views!

But, if you’re more into something that’s considered the Ultimate Driving Machine, this next car is your ticket to Instagram fame.


modified 2008 bmw m3
Bring a Trailer

The BMW M3 is also jockeying for the title of Instagram King, and with the kind of numbers it’s putting up, it’s safe to say Michael Jordan’s got his eyes on a Bavarian luxury coupe in that meme with the iPad, because BMW really hit a slam dunk with this one. 

Car enthusiasts worldwide are constantly ranting and raving about the M3’s intuitive engine and razor-sharp handling, and this car’s performance engineering has propelled it to one of BMW’s most adored models. 

#bmwm3 has been used over 3.1 million times throughout Instagram’s relatively short history, and #m3 has appeared on over 5.9 million posts, like this one of an M3 that got a nose piercing like an angsty teenager. 

Or this super talented artist with a passion for German performance vehicles!

There’s a ton of videos all over YouTube of M3’s, but our favorite’s got to be this one from Vehicle Virgins that got a whopping 4.3 million views! These guys went and bought an M3 in straight cash, baby! I can only imagine their bank teller’s face when they took out that $12,000! 

But this whip’s not only popular with YouTube influencers, this picture of Anne Hathaway hopping in her 4th generation M3 proves that this car’s famous enough for the Hollywood Hills too!  

So, if you’re on the hunt for some more followers, hopping behind the wheel of one of these five cars might just boost your base. You might have noticed that there aren’t any million-dollar supercars on the list, but I guess Instagram just loves the less expensive and more customizable.

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