8 CHEAP Luxury Cars That Look Expensive


Did you tell your girlfriend’s parents you’re a real estate mogul when you really work at a Denny’s? And now you’re in over your head because they’ve asked you to dinner, and your pre-2000’s beater just isn’t very convincing? Well, lucky for you, we got a list of 8 cheap luxury cars that look super expensive! 

One of the cars on this list is under $9,000 but looks like 10 times that, and another car on this list is a freakin’ Maserati! There are the 8 cheap luxury cars that look expensive.

2013 Land Rover Range Rover Sport – Kardashian Carrier

land rover range rover sport

If you’re trying to give your neighbors the impression that you just moved into town from Beverly Hills, and may or may not have starred on a reality TV show, the 2013 Range Rover Sport is a great way to go. This car is a staple in celebrity circles, with famous folks like Ice Cube, Justin Bieber, and Kim Kardashian all being known owners of this luxury SUV. 

And while the exterior of this car obviously sends the message that your sittin’ on stacks of cash, the first-rate interior and impressive performance specs will blow you away too. The 2013 Sport comes standard with a 375-horsepower V8, which you can get supercharged up to 510 horsepower with a little more dough,and it handles impressively well for a vehicle of its size. If you don’t mind getting that pristine paintjob a little dirty, the 2013 Range Rover can ford streams and take on rocky terrain all day, with a ground clearance of just under 9 inches. 

Be aware though, although a 2013 Range Rover Sport seems like an incredibly good deal, like the one we found on AutoTempest for under $13,000 with less than 100,000 miles, this model year got particularly bad reliability ratings. So, while you might fool your friends into thinking you’re rich, the 2013 Sport might just leave you bankrupt on repairs.

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2006 Porsche Boxster – Poor Man’s 911

2006 porsche boxster
Gulf Coast Motorworks

While the 911 has been the prize fighter in Porsche’s lineup for a long time, the introduction of the Boxster in 1997 brought in a new era of affordable sports cars for the German automaker. And while I definitely won’t say that the Boxster competes with the quality offered in a 911, these cars still look sweet and are extremely fun to drive

The 2006 Boxster features a compact, mid-engine layout, handling as good as any car at its price point, and a flat-six pushing out 217 horsepower. Looking for a little more power to match that sports car style? Then upgrade to the S trim and boost that power output to 250 ponies. Unfortunately, that’ll cost you a little bit more. 

Every version of the 2006 Boxster comes with two seats and is lined with the excellent interior quality that we’ve come to expect from Porsche. And of course, it’s got a powered convertible top for those sunny days when you’re flying down the coastline. We found a base 2006 Boxster on AutoTempest with under 100,000 miles for just $13,000. And for that price, you’re not going to find a car with more style. 

Find a cheap Porsche Boxster on AutoTempest!

2010 Maserati GranTurismo – Supercar Style

2010 maserati granturismo
The Car Connection

I’m just going to start off by saying that pretty much any Maserati you buy is going to be somewhat of a money pit. These are just flat-out unreliable cars, and they will have you in the mechanic’s every other week. However, if all you care about is making your uninformed friends think you’re made of money, then the 2010 Maserati GranTurismo will do just that. And the GT isn’t stellar with reliability, but it’s certainly not as bad as the brand overall.

The exterior of a 2010 GranTurismo is a beautiful combination of menacing and classy, and when you fire up all 405 horsepower in its 4.2-liter V8, it lets out an exhaust note that’s going to rumble your whole neighborhood. The ride is smooth as can be, and when you switch into Sport mode, you’re going to feel like an absolute boss with super-quick throttle response and tight gear changes. 

Sure, anyone who knows a thing or two about cars is going to shake their head in disgust when they see that trident on the front. But you’re going to feel great and look great as you zip around in your new-to-you Maserati. We found an example on AutoTempest that was basically new with under 40,000 miles for just under $22,000. And yes, that’s a bit more expensive than the rest of the cars on this list, but trust me, you’re going to feel like this ride cost well over six figures. 

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2013 Mercedes-Benz S550 – S-Classy

2013 mercedes benz s550
The Exclusive Automotive Group

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has a longstanding history of excellence that stretches all the way back to 1972. And the 2013 S550 is true to tradition. This flagship sedan will turn heads as you drive along and show off its gorgeous exterior, and with its long wheelbase, you’re basically halfway to a limousine. Plus, with the impeccable interior quality and quite ride, you’re going to feel like a millionaire inside a Mercedes that can be had for under $15,000. 

Cool features on the 2013 S550 include a panoramic sunroof, a two-screen entertainment system in the back, optional massage seats, and a dash display that’s among the best in its class for that year. The suspension on a 2013 S550 gives the driver just enough separation from the road, so you can feel the turns without any of that rattling-tin-can feeling. 

The S550 handles like what it is: a full-size long wheelbase sedan, but the steering is super accurate and feels great down a windy road. We found a 2013 S550 on AutoTempest with just north of 100,000 miles for just $14,000. That is an absolute steal for that level of luxury. 

Find a cheap Mercedes-Benz S550 on AutoTempest!

2011 Cadillac CTS – America’s Best

2011 cadillac cts

A 2011 Cadillac CTS has just about everything you could possibly want in a car under $10,000. It looks great, it’s refined, fun-to-drive, powerful, and features a beautifully luxurious interior. The bodystyle is made up of crisp lines that give the CTS an aggressive yet graceful look, the chassis was among the best in any car back in 2011, and there is an uncanny amount of cargo space for a luxury sedan.

The base engine on the 2011 CTS was a 270-horsepower 3-liter V6, which isn’t bad, but it definitely struggles with the CTS’s weight a little more than you want. However, upgrading to the 304-horsepower 3.6-liter V6 is your golden ticket to peppy performance and refinement, even if it will cost you a couple extra bucks. Totally worth it. 

If you’re looking to dust a few supercars on your way to pick up the kids, you could go with the 556-horsepower V trim, but good luck trying to find one of those under $15,000. We found a 2011 base CTS with slightly over 100,000 miles for under $10,000. Not a bad price for the best in American engineering. 

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2011 BMW 328i – Neverending Menu

2011 bmw 328i
Mecum Auctions

When it comes to options, the BMW 3 Series is like the menu at a Cheesecake Factory. Seriously, if you’ve never been there, the menu is a freakin’ encyclopedia. You can get a 3 Series sedan, wagon, coupe, or convertible. And you can go with a regular six-cylinder, a badass diesel, or your choice of two turbocharged six-cylinders, and they’re all impressive engines. There’s a reason the 3 Series has been popular for so long. 

The 2011 328i comes with a 3-liter six-cylinder mated to either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic. I think you know which one I’d go with… (save the manuals). Regardless of your transmission, you’re looking at 230 horsepower and a solid 28 highway miles to the gallon with the base engine, fantastic handling and top-of-the-line safety features, a classy exterior and interior luxury fit for a king. 

The 328i is the whole package. And the fact that you can have all that for under $10,000 just makes me smile. We found a 2011 328i just above 100,000 miles on AutoTempest for under $9,000. I seriously almost bought this up when I saw it…

Find a cheap BMW 328i on AutoTempest!

2005 Jaguar S-Type – Buckingham Ballin’

2005 jaguar s-type
Bring A Trailer

Putting a 2005 Jaguar S-Type in your driveway will make people think you moved out and sold your house to Prince Harry. This car just screams British opulence with those four headlights, hood ornament, and beautiful body lines. The interior is just as luxurious as the outside looks, with the super stylish Bronze Madrona trim that was new in 2005, along with a revised classic-looking instrument panel and comfortable leather seats. 

Under the hood you’ll find a 3-liter V6 capable of putting out a respectable 235 horsepower. Unfortunately, this model year S-Type was only offered with a six-speed automatic transmission, and to make matters worse, it’s controlled by a sticky J-gate shifter that can be seriously annoying. It’s bad enough that the automatic transmission even exists, but when automakers start making shifter gates that are basically labyrinths, it’s almost too much for me to handle… And Jaguar’s J-gate may be the worst of the worst

Apart from that glaring flaw, the 2005 Jaguar S-Type is a great car, and it definitely looks more expensive than it actually is. We found a 2005 S-Type on AutoTempest with under 90,000 miles for $9,500, and it looks like a car worth well above $50,000.

Find a cheap Jaguar S-Type on AutoTempest!

2006 Lexus LS 430 – Market Buster

2006 lexus ls430

Who doesn’t love Lexus? They’re consistently ranked among the best car brands in the world due to their dedication to building mid-priced luxury cars that feel great to drive and will last you a lifetime. It seems like Lexus built the LS 430 to knock German automakers off their high horses, by creating a luxury sedan with refinement and comfort to rival any sedan out of Deutschland, without all the snootiness. 

The LS 430 has been a hit ever since it was rolled out back in 1989, since it offers pretty much the same quality as it’s German rivals’ sedans, but at a much lower price. In 2006, the LS 430 was still doing just that. And now that they can be had for right around $10,000, it’d be a missed opportunity not to get one. It comes standard with a powerful 278-horsepower V8, 17-inch wheels, adaptive headlights that swivel while cornering, a moonroof, auto-dimming mirrors, and a Mark Levinson premium audio system. It’s just baffling how Lexus can keep their prices low when they throw in all the bells and whistles. 

Unfortunately, and this pains me to say, the 2006 LS 430 was only offered with a six-speed automatic with an automanual gate. Why? Just why? But if you can get past that, this is a phenomenal car that looks super expensive. We found a 2006 LS 430 on AutoTempest with just over 100,000 miles for just $10,500. That’s an absurdly low price for a car that completely changed the game. 

Find a cheap Lexus LS 430 on AutoTempest!

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