AWESOME Amazon Car Mods That Transform YOUR Car!

rolls royce starlight headliner

Not all of us can drive new Bentleys and Bimmers loaded with modern features that most of our 10-year-old cars didn’t offer. So, what if I told you that you could have the same features without paying a six-figure MSRP? And you can have them right in your old rust bucket!

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well in this article, I’m going to take you through some of the best modern features you can add to your car, and one of these features only comes on $100,000 Rolls-Royces!

TPMS – Monitor Your Tire Pressure

tpms device

Now, most of these features are for adding convenience and luxury, but our first feature on the list is to let you know when something’s wrong. Let’s say some jackass dropped a box of nails in the road or smashed a glass bottle. How are you going to know if your tire’s punctured? Get yourself a TPMS!

So, what do these four magical letters stand for? “Tire Pressure Monitoring System“, and this device does exactly what you think it does. It monitors your tire pressure and alerts you if they’re over or underinflated.

Now imagine that you’re driving along and a shard of glass samurai slashes your tire. Instead of not knowing and potentially having a blowout, you get a notification on your dash that says, “Yo, bro! You’re right rear tire’s going to hell in a handbasket!” And instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new tire, you can take it into a tire shop and they’ll repair it for free!

So, not only will a TPMS modernize your car, it can actually end up saving you a bunch of money in the long run. Say you have custom wheels on your 350Z, chances are that they’re not going to come with TPMS, even if your car came with TPMS in the first place, you aftermarket addict. Do yourself a favor and get a TPMS device. And I’m sorry, by the way, those new wheels look sick.

Whether you drive a beat-up Kia or spec’d-out JDM dragon, you can get a new TPMS for just $70! So what are you waiting for? Your Bluetooth to pair with your phone? What’s that? You don’t have Bluetooth in your car? Well, not for long.

Get a TPMS on Amazon!

Bluetooth – Factory Speakers, Your Music

taotronics bluetooth aux adapter

How convenient is it to have calls come through over your speakers? Hands-free, no effort. For you rich kids with new models, that’s a given, but for some us junker-drivers, it’s just a distant dream. Well, no more! Drop $25 on a Bluetooth device, and boom, you’ll be able to blast your Spotify tracks over your car stereo. Don’t worry, Apple Music people, you’re good too!

All these contraptions need to work is an aux port and you can cruise along bumping that hot fire, or talking to bae, hands-free. New or old, it doesn’t matter, pretty much every car has an aux port. And with a little bit of effort and $25, they could have Bluetooth too.

Alright, Bluetooth is cool, but it’s not going to blow anyone away. Want to be rolling around in class like a real mac daddy? Add a starlight headliner.

Get a Bluetooth device on Amazon!

Starlight Headliner – Rolls-Royce Who?

starlight headliner car

You ever dream about hoppin’ in the Wraith? With those stars in the ceiling like you live in outer space? Damn, did that just rhyme? Well, now you don’t have to drop the $300,000 on a Wraith, and you can still have the starlight headliner! You can have one installed for around $500, or if you do it yourself, it could be as low as $60!

Plus, the kits that they come in allow you to put any design or pattern into your headliner that you like. Want an actual representation of the night sky? Go for it. Want your logo in it? Hell yeah! The sky’s the limit.

All you’ve got to do is drop your headliner and cut small little slits for the light to pass through, and you’ve got the cosmos in your coupe! Screw a moonroof! Choose the color and brightness, no matter the time of day. The world is yours! Wait, no, the universe is yours!

But, if you really want to feel like a CEO being chauffeured around in a Rolls, you need this next feature. I’m sure you’ve heard of heated and cooled seats, but what about heated and cooled cup holders?

Get a starlight headliner on Amazon!

Heated Cup Holders – Cold Drinks Cold, Hot Drinks Hot

heated and cooled cup holders

Yes, heated and cooled cup holders are a thing. You know how many times this would come in handy? A lot! Heating my coffee in the morning on the way to work, or more likely my Frappuccino from Starbucks. Or maybe you want to sip champagne in the back of your 2005 Corolla. Weird, but okay.

Just plug this device into a cigarette port, and boom, you’ve got yourself a heated and cooled cup holder. Sure, you could go out and buy an insulated cup, but that would probably set you back $50, which is the same price as this super cool device! Plus, you won’t ever forget it in your dishwasher, since it’s always in your car!

So, you tell me, would you rather spend the money on the cup holder or the insulated cup? Drop a comment and let us know!

Now, most of these things have been luxury items, but as recently as 2014, Congress made this next feature mandatory!

Get heated/cooled cup holders on Amazon!

Backup Camera – Know Whats Behind You

backup camera
Digital Trends

Backup cameras are just a good thing to have on any car, which is probably why they’re a legal requirement now. Sure, some cars have parking sensors, and they help, but having a backup camera is the best way to make sure you don’t run into that douche who parallel parked right behind your driveway. And, if you’re like me, it makes reversing into every spot super easy, because everywhere is a car meet. Everywhere!

You’ll appreciate being able to watch the curb all the way, or else you might find yourself in need of a repair! And, lucky for you, all you’ve got to do to avoid that is invest a bit of money in a backup camera… or a lift kit, or both.

Backup cameras come in a bunch of different styles and solutions. My favorite is the license plate holder that has the backup camera in it. James Bond style, baby! Sure, they’re not the cheapest gadget at around $100, but it could save you some money on stitching that bumper back on.

Our next feature is even a little more expensive than a backup camera, but I’d still say it’s worth it to cruise in comfort.

Get a backup camera on Amazon!

Remote Start – You Wanna Hear Cold Starts?

remote start for car

People in extreme climates probably need remote starts more than anyone. That way, they can fire up the heat before they leave their igloo, or crank that cool air before they drive across the desert. Just get it started a few minutes before you leave, and you’ll have that perfect temperature.

Sure, many new cars come with remote starts, but there’s still a surprising amount that don’t. And let me let you in on a little secret, if you’ve modified your exhaust, and you just want to enjoy cold starts from outside the car, get yourself a remote start, set up a lawn chair, and listen to that sweet symphony all day, baby! Yee haw!

This mod is just as convenient as it is cool. Yeah, it costs a little much at $200, but I’d say it’s totally worth it!

And if a remote start doesn’t get you all charged up, I guarantee this next feature will!

Get a remote start on Amazon!

Wireless Charging – Charging Without The Wires

wireless car charger
Parallel Miner

Now, not all phones have wireless charging capability, but for those who do, wireless charging in your car is about as convenient as it gets. The only cars these days that come with wireless charging options are super expensive. Way out of my budget, for sure.

So, what if you wanted to add wireless charging to your 15-year-old WRX? Go right ahead! Buy yourself a vent charger for less than $50. That sure beats the $50,000 you’d be spending on a Benz that comes with one.

No more getting to your friends house and realizing your phone came off the cable, and now your phone’s on 1%, and you call your granny and your phone dies in the middle of the call, and she thinks you don’t love her anymore. No! Spend the $50 and spare your sweet granny the heartache.

Get a wireless charger on Amazon!