The Best Financial Advice? Don’t Panic

We are in a time of economic uncertainty; don't let it consume you.
this might be a reason to panic actually
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It’s not exactly a hot take to say that we live in uncertain times. Watching the stock market is akin to watching a train wreck that you can’t look away from, and everyone is pointing at each other, blaming them for the high inflation. The economy is a mess.

Unfortunately, that leaves you in the middle of it all. You, a savvy investor planning for your future, have to wake up every morning and deal with the constant stream of news telling you that all of your investments are drying up. Then, you have to make your coffee and somehow get through the day without rocking on the floor in the fetal position.

The World Isn’t Ending

Well, this article is for you. It’s a reminder to take Douglas Adam’s most famous line to heart. 

Don’t panic. 

Humans have an uncanny ability to take a short-term problem and turn it into the end of the world. The truth is that the stock market will return. The supply chain problems will get sorted out, and inflation… Well, that’s a whole different animal, but over the last century, average investments have outpaced inflation; it’s still nothing to panic over. 

You simply have to wait until the bad-times end. It’s not an exciting answer. However, statistically, you will get on top of finances by being consistent, not by taking radical action. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing that can be done to help. 

Take a moment to soak in the sunset
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Take The Opportunity To Breathe

In fact, a big economic downturn is a perfect opportunity to invest in something that can help you grow much faster when the downturn ends. It’s an investment that a lot of modern people forget to make, but it’s honestly one of the most important things you can do. 

Invest in yourself. 

That can mean a lot of things. The good news is that there really isn’t a wrong answer. For instance, earning a new skill can be a great way to protect against an uncertain economy. If you can turn that skill into another source of income, that can give you extra money to put into your portfolio or give you options if your primary source of income gets interrupted. 

Investing in yourself doesn’t even need to be some grand new thing. Yes, learning Chinese might make it easier to invest in the global market when things pick up, but if you are struggling with mental health right now, that probably doesn’t matter. 

Taking a moment to breathe, and to work towards better mental health, will probably be more beneficial in the long run than any single skill. It’s hard to make good decisions while stressed and depressed; especially long-term financial decisions. So take care of yourself. 

And remember, even if you’ve spent your life searching for the ultimate answer only to find an unsatisfactory answer; don’t panic. 

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