The 7 Best Portable Grills Under $100

best portable grills

If you’ve ever been camping, then you probably know all of the essential items to take with you. You load up your car with your tent, your sleeping pad, your hiking boots, and maybe a flashlight. However, no camping trip is complete without food! Fill a cooler with hot dogs, marshmallows, buns, and all sorts of other delicious grub. And, while there’s definitely something special about cooking over a campfire, if it’s too windy or wet outside, building a campfire is just an impossibility. The solution? Get yourself a portable outdoor grill and you’ll never have to worry about the weather again! 

There are so many times when owning a portable grill can come in handy. Let’s say that you’re out on a fishing trip with a few of your best friends. Why wait to cook your catches when you get home when you can just grill them up right on the boat. Are you planning a road trip in the next couple of years? Well, having a portable grill will give you the option to cook right out of the trunk of your car rather than spending a ton of money at Chick-fil-A every night. You see, whether you’re in the middle of the wilderness, on the road, or in your own backyard, owning a portable grill will ensure that you can cook up delicious food whenever you want. And there’s no reason to spend a ton of money on one either! Here are the 7 best portable grills that you can get for under $100: 

Cuisinart Griddler

cuisinart griddler

Cuisinart is undoubtedly one of the most well-respected names in the kitchen appliance industry. And that’s because everything they make is of the finest quality, is highly functional, and will last you forever. For under $100, it’s astounding how nice the Cuisinart Griddler is. This portable grill features two grilling surfaces that you can close and use like a panini press or open and use as a full double grill. This appliance also has both grill and griddle settings. All you have to do is flip the plate over and your grill is instantly transformed into a griddle. 

The Cuisinart Griddler is housed in a stainless steel exterior that will look great no matter how many camping trips you take it on. It’s also the perfect compact size for carrying in a backpack or in the trunk of your car; however, the grilling surfaces are still spacious enough to cook food for you and all of your friends. Whether you’re cooking eggs, meat, a sandwich, or pretty much anything else, the Cuisinart Griddler is a great low-cost option.

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Coleman Fold N Go

coleman fold n go grill

This offering comes courtesy of the famous child actor who got into the grill business later in his life: Gary Coleman. The Coleman Fold N Go isn’t just a prominent feature in daytime television advertisements, it’s also an extremely versatile and useful piece of hardware. The grill’s design features a horseshoe-shaped grilling surface that always heats evenly and will cook anything in no time. Plus, it has an InstaStart button that ignites the Coleman Fold N Go with a single pushing, eliminating the need for a lighter or a match. 

This grill also features a handle on the back so you can carry it around like a suitcase, even when you’re miles away from any office. When you’re all done using it, you can simply remove the grilling surface and grease tray and easily clean them. With a price tag under $100, this is an outstanding value. 

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Char-Broil 240

char broil 240 grill

The Char-Broil 240 is probably the sturdiest grill you can possibly buy for under $100. It’s not the lightest or the most compact, but it is made of ultra-durable stainless steel that will never dent or rust no matter how many times you use it. It’s also got four stable legs holding it on that are built to last forever. Weighing over 28 pounds, this isn’t a grill you’ll want to hike with; however, you can’t find a stronger and more durable grill for under $100 than the Char-Broil 240. 

This grill is heated by hooking up a one-liter propane tank, so you’ll want to purchase a bunch of those if you plan on going with the Char-Broil 240. And when that fire gets roaring, you can watch the temperature climb on the lid-mounted temperature gauge, ensuring that you’ll cook your steaks and burgers to perfection every time. And, with the massive 240-square inch grilling surface, you can grill for the entire family all at once.

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Marsh Allen Hibachi

marsh allen hibachi

Have you ever been to a Benihana for your friend’s birthday party? How about Kyoto? Well, if your childhood was anything like mine, you remember these hibachi restaurants fondly. And now that you’re old enough to work a grill, why not bring Benihana wherever you go? The Marsh Allen Hibachi is a top-quality hibachi grill made of cast iron that weighs a little over 18 pounds, making it a bit heavy, but still portable enough to carry out into the wilderness with you. 

The design of the Marsh Allen Hibachi also features two separate grilling surfaces, each with a handle that allows you to adjust how high they sit above your hot charcoal. So, even if you’re on a road trip and haven’t taken a shower in weeks, you can still feel like a Japanese grillmaster every day. 

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Techwood Electric 

If running to and from the hardware store to pick up charcoal or propane doesn’t sound like much fun to you, maybe you should consider getting a Techwood Electric. And, while poor heating is definitely a concern with many other electric grills, the Techwood Electric gets hot enough to deliver the kind of sear you’d expect from a gas or charcoal grill. And, once that steak has been seared and it’s time to put on the next one, you can stash all of your finished foods on the convenient rack that sits above the grilling surface. 

The Techwood Electric is the perfect grill for barbecuing in your city apartment or on your backyard patio. It’s never going to flare up, you’ll never have to worry about charcoal smelling up your home, and you won’t have to deal with hazardous propane. Plus, the 240-square inch grilling surface gives you the ability to feed all of your guests at once. And, with a casing made of heavy-duty cast iron and porcelain, the Techwood Electric will last you ages. 

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Royal Gourmet Tabletop

royal gourmet tabletop grill

Royal Gourmet is one of the biggest names in the catering industry as they’re known for producing high-quality griddles and grills that are built to serve massive quantities of people without breaking down. So, when it was time for the engineers at Royal Gourmet to build their Tabletop model, they brought that same dedication to quality. The Royal Gourmet Tabletop is made from nearly unbreakable iron that’s expertly riveted together to provide unwavering strength and durability. 

For under $100, the Royal Gourmet is an absolute steal. It features two stainless steel burners that can emit up to 16,000 BTU (which is quite impressive for a grill of its size). And, while this grill is compact and easy to carry around, its minimalistic design gives it a rather large grilling area. In fact, in the description of this grill on the company’s website, it states that the Royal Gourmet Tabletop can accommodate up to “7 asparagus, 4 burger meat, 2 bacon strips, 2 eggs, and 2 steaks at once.” That seems a bit oddly specific; however, I suppose it is helpful to know how many asparagus you’ll be able to cook at once. 

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Weber Jumbo Joe

weber jumbo joe grill

Now, this very well may be my favorite grill on this list. First of all, the Weber Jumbo Joe has an incredible name. Second of all, there’s something comforting about a classic bowl-shaped charcoal grill. It reminds me of going camping with my parents when I was a little kid. And the capabilities of the Weber Jumbo Joe extend far beyond simply inducing nostalgia. This lightweight grill features a handle and Tuck-N-Carry lid lock, making it extremely easy to carry. 

This grill is also large enough to cook eight burger patties at one time so your picnic can be ready in minutes. Plus, the Jumbo Joe features a series of dampers to ensure that you have complete control over its internal temperature. And, regardless of how many burgers you cook on the Weber Jumbo Joe, it will never develop rust and will never peel. 

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