Cars PLUMMETING In Value That You Can Now Afford

Black 2016 Maserati GranTurismo
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The worst thing you can do today is buy a new car! Depreciation will hit your car’s value like a freight train! The average car price is now $35,000, and when you get that brand new vehicle, you’ll lose an average of 10-12% just by driving off the lot, which is the fastest way to blow thousands of dollars!

But luckily you tune into Ideal, so you’re much smarter than that. So, when you’re shopping for a new-to-you car, keep this list of cars plummeting in value in mind, so you can live like a millionaire without breaking the bank. Let’s go!

Maserati GT

Black Maserati GranTurismo V8 outdoors

The Maserati GranTurismo is a seriously killer classic sports car. The luxurious two door Italian is a great answer for anyone’s mid-life crisis. The GT features a lovely 4.7-liter screaming F136 Ferrari V8 that sounds amazing! An exhaust note like that is sure to break necks when it flies by. And this Italian stallion catapults you from 0 to 60 in an impressive 4.7 seconds. 

This luxury sports yacht will plant a smile on your face whenever you take it out for a spin. And with its rear-wheel drive prowess you can slide around those corners to your heart’s content. But while you might be breaking necks on the street, the depreciation on the Gran Turismo is going to break your heart. 

The GT started at around $150,000 brand new, which is stupid expensive. You could buy a lot of much much better cars for that money, like the insane Mercedes AMG GT. But unlike the AMG GT, the Maserati is just about the worst way to spend your dough. They’re downright cheap now! I found a 2009 GT with under 50,000 miles for $25,000. Holy crap! That’s insane!

A $150,000 Ferrari-powered Italian sports car for 85% off. That is an ideal deal! Just make sure you do your research before you get one of these GTs, most of them are fairly reliable… but, if they are not well maintained they’ll be plagued with expensive repairs. And this ain’t no Toyota Camry, parts and service for these are not cheap. That is definitely something you want to avoid.

But, if you choose to take a chance and buy this piece of beautiful Italian excellence, you’ll find this screaming Italian monster is very rewarding.


Blue 2020 BMW M5 Base

BMW is probably an anagram for “Break My Wallet”. And no where is that more true than with the F10 M5. Sporting a mighty 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 that has 600 horsepower, this Bavarian luxury sedan will rocket you from a dig to freeway speed in an absolutely lightning 3.1 seconds. But, it isnt all about speed. Its near-perfect chassis and rear-wheel power will be sure to flick you around every corner you encounter with precision and ease.

Slap on an aftermarket exhaust, and it can sound absolutely incredible! Ah, just a perfect car to listen to. Not only is it sporty, it also has all the luxury amenities and four doors to haul whatever you need to around. Sounds perfect, right? Well, brand new, the M5 started at around $100,000, which is a heck of a lot of money. You could buy a R35 GT-R for that same amount!

But now? Well, I found this beast of Bavarian muscle for less than $30,000. After just a few years, it’s lost over 70% of its value! Talk about a bargain! Unfortunately, I had a neighbor who bought one new. I wonder how he’s feeling now knowing that his car has lost all its value?

Jaguar XJ

new black jaguar xj on a bridge

The Jaguar XJ is a seriously cool seriously British luxury family car that you won’t want to mess with. They came in a few different body styles, like the standard XJ, or the XJL , which had a longer wheelbase for extra legroom in the back. You know, because nothing is more baller than being driven around town in a Jaguar. And my favorite, the Sentinel edition, which was bullet- and explosive-resistant.

Whatever model you choose, the XJ is a great choice if you’re into looking mean as you cruise down the street laughing at other drivers, or just being a movie villain. With its refined British handling this cat should be as easy as 1-2-3. Unlike another cat that we know of… the Hellcat!

You’re sure to master any curvy road you come across. I’d go for the all-wheel drive so you can get as much power to the road as you can, because you’re going to need it. This Jag can be powered by one of two engines: a moderate 3-liter supercharged V6, which puts out a respectable 340 horsepower, or the real deal Holyfield, the 5-liter supercharged V8, which puts out a whopping 575 horsepower. Throwing you back in your posh leather seat on a luxurious ride to 60 in 4.2 seconds.

And since this is the car of choice for British royalty, you can expect a royally high price tag of about $80,000 brand new. However, I found a mint 2011 XJ V8 Supercharged, rear-wheel drive XJL for less than $15,000! That is a freaking steal! You could get a base Chevy Spark for that much money, but unlike the Spark, this British kitty will make you purr every time you drive it.

Chevy Volt

silver 2017 chevrolet volt on road
Car and Driver

The world is in frickin’ peril right now. Iceburgs are melting, natural disasters are getting stronger, I can’t even go down the road to get toilet paper anymore! It’s insane out here right now! And if a part of you wants to help, then the Chevy Volt is going to help heal the world, man!

Now, don’t expect this to be the fastest on this list, but at least it’s the greenest. Chevy recently discontinued this car because of its declines in sales and heavy depreciation, but we’ll get to that in a second. The Volt is a healthy high mile per gallon hybrid, initially designed to compete with the Prius for the top spot for tree-huggers.

This thing is loaded with little features that can make it appealing to someone who doesn’t like driving that much. Things like leather-lined interior and heated steering wheel and seats. The front-wheel drive Volt has a middling 150 horsepower, yet an interesting 294 pound-feet of torque. Thanks to it’s partly electric drivetrain, the Volt will feel zippy as you zip around town.

New, the Volt started at around $37,000 to $38,000. However, I found a premium Volt for $11,000, making this the cheapest car you can get on this list. Now, it ain’t the cheapest or the best car you can get. For that list, you’re going to want to check out this video on the Best First Cars for Students Under $5,000!

Lincoln Navigator

Black 2020 lincoln navigator
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You may or may not feel like Matthew McConaughey after driving one of these bad boys. This Lincoln Navigator is a big-body uber-luxurious American SUV with an interior draped in wood and leather and wheels as big as an extra large pizza. With this Lincoln, you’ll be equipped to navigate any road you choose, and be able to bring your friends! The three row beast can comfortably sit up to seven people, and it’s meant to compete with the equally luxurious Escalade, so it wouldn’t feel too out of place to wear a suit everytime you drive it.

She also has some kick, too. Powering this nearly 3-ton Goliath is a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6, which produces a silky smooth 380 horsepower that will transport you to freeway speed in a matter of no time. Being Lincoln’s largest and most expensive model you might think that these things will be out of your price range, but you’re wrong! Depreciation, thank you!

While a new Navigator starts from $78,000, you can look like a baller for way less with a Navi for only around $16,000! That is ballin’ on a budget, baby!

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