CHEAP Cars That Make You Look RICH

black 2013 fisker karma

We have all dreamed of being a millionaire. Having the money to do whatever you want, whenever you want, baby. And that also entails driving a sick car that makes you look filthy rich. These cars will make other people think you’re a CEO! For less than a new Toyota Camry! And the last car on this list is seriously sick. Stick around!

Aston Martin Vantage

2019 aston martin vantage
Motor Authority

When I think of Aston Martin, I think of Bond. James Bond. Martinis, gambling, beautiful women, tuxedos. You know what else I think? Expensive. And Aston Martins are seriously expensive. We mere mortals could only hope to afford one in this lifetime. But thanks to the most dangerous secret agent in the world, depreciation, you could be driving a Bond car for way less than you might expect.

The Aston Martin V8 Vantage is the new budget British banger that’ll make people think you have a license to kill everytime you drive it. Brand new, this thing was over $130,000! But the prices for them are Skyfalling! We found a gorgeous drop-top for just $22,000! Shhh, don’t tell anyone about this deal, it’s For Your Eyes Only!

And the Vantage is more than just a pretty face, it’s 4.3-liter V8 puts out a respectable 380 horsepower and does it right by sending all that power to the huge rear wheels. And that means just one thing: burnouts, baby! Imagine telling your friends that you drive an Aston Martin. They’re definitely going to think you’re rich, and maybe a British secret agent.

Another cool fact about this car is that fellow YouTuber Doug DeMuro had a Vantage in a manual. And I don’t know about you, but rowing your own gears in a $100,000 racer sounds like an Ideal lifestyle! Now, you know what car is cheaper and definitely says you’re rich even more than the Vantage?

Bentley Continental GT

2020 bentley continental gt
Car and Driver

That’s right! You can afford a freakin’ Bentley! And not some old one that no one has heard about. No, no, you can be driving a thoroughbred Winged B with a racing pedigree, the Bentley Continental GT! And, my god, is this thing sick. Not only is it from one of the most revered luxury car brands on Earth, and every rapper has at least mentioned the Bentley once for its pimpin’ style, you’re going to break necks whenever you roll through the streets.

And, the “B” in Bentley surely means it’s the “Best” car to look rich in. Getting one of these versus a Mercedes or a Porsche is like the difference between the plain old doctors and lawyers and the uber-rich CEOs and multimillionaires. And you can get a beautiful Bentley Continental GT for just $19,000. Less than the Aston Martin and with way more luxury features!

The GT has an insanely overpowered 6.0-liter W12 engine that makes 600 horsepower! That’s an Ideal deal! Now, the Bentley is definitely rich, but what if you don’t want a coupe? Why not dive down the path of an SUV? 

Range Rover Evoque

black 2020 range rover evoque
Gay Car Boys

Land Rovers are the perfect badass sport utility for looking baller at the local Starbucks. An SUV you get when you don’t want just any SUV, you want a status symbol. And the sporty-yet-stylish Range Rover Evoque is one high-end compact rig that will make you stand out in the parking lot of of Whole Foods.

And you know Land Rover, the British luxury brand, used not only by British royalty, but almost everyone in Hollywood, even the Kardashians, which tells me that Land Rover owners probably have deep pockets! I mean, just ask Squidd how much he spends to keep one running. Baller…

But you don’t need deep pockets to Keep Up with the Kardashians, because I found a black-on-black two-door Evoque that looks seriously badass for just $16,000, which is just a small slice of the $50,000 new price! That makes it the cheaper Range Rover, but people standing outside the club won’t know that.

And being the subclass of Land Rover, she also makes for a super organic off-roader. And if you’re not wanting a pavement princess, check out the best off-roaders you can get for under $5,000 in our video! But, back to the Evoque, sure, it may not attract attention like the Bentley or the Aston, but it’s going to be a practical and expensive-looking SUV that will help you get groceries in style. Now, want to go faster? May I interest you in one of the most affordable and best supercars made in this millenia?

Audi R8

yellow 2019 audi r8
Car and Driver

The classic! The exhilarating! The expensive! The German Holy Grail itself! The Audi R8! The four-ringed beast is a car that you will casually see cruising in Monaco and in the hands of Ironman! And that tells me one thing, whoever drives this is most definitely rich!

And the best thing is that this expensive supercar is becoming cheaper everyday. I found a black Audi R8 with a V8 for $40,000! That sounds like a lot, but keep in mind that this a car that starts at $160,000. And $40,000 for this legendary supercar is a bargain if you ask me.

You’ll hear this thing from a mile away with that thundering V8! You and your neighbors will neverforget that intoxicating sound. And just look at it! It looks so sick, and those carbon side blades mean business! Plus, the good news is that the R8 has remained unchanged visually for the most part, so even the cheaper V8 automatics look like V10s with 6-speeds, letting you look like Tony Stark with Peter Parker’s bank account. But, if you don’t want to burn fossil fuel, we have another option for you.

Tesla Model S

2020 tesla model s
Car and Driver

The fastest car on this list doesn’t even make a sound! Yeah, the Tesla Model S is the perfect electric car that you can now finally afford. Teslas are becoming some of the most popular vehicles in the USA with the moderate Model 3. But the Model S is a whole different beast. People who drive the Model S are business owners and CEOs. The type to have some serious dough!

And you can now not only own the best electric vehicle money can buy, but also one of the best luxury sedans too, on the cheap. I found a beautiful black Model S for only $20,000, which is way cheaper than the $80,000 brand new price! But, it did have 180,000 miles. Brad! You’ve lost it! Hear me out.

This is an electric vehicle! You don’t have to worry about maintenance the same way you have to with internal combustion engines. All your updates are downloaded through the internet, no oil changes, no engine comonents to break, no gas even! Just a charge and you’re good to go. And being electric, you get all of that instant insane torque that puts you at 60 in spaceship-like times of under 4 seconds with the performance model, which will wow anyone you have in your passenger seat.

People may just think you’re rich because of all the money you’ve saved on fuel costs! Now, we’ve all heard of the Tesla, but there is another electric vehicle that I bet you haven’t heard of.

Fisker Karma

2012 fisker karma
Green Car Reports

I’ve seen next this on the road and wondered, What the hell is that? Well, it’s a Fisker Karma. A good looking long-hooded shooting-brake-style four-door with big wheels and a solar panel. When I saw one, I was astounded by how wacky it looked and I came to the conclusion that this car is an ultra-rare import and the person who owns it is rich.

But, I was mistaken. Oh boy! Sure, this weirdo car, known as the Fisker Karma, had an $111,000 price tag brand new, but I just found black one that looks promising for only $26,000! Now, I did some research and this is definitely a car you do not want to own, because it is a frickin’ Fisker failure. The Fisker Karma doesn’t drive nearly as good as it looks.

It might look like a supercar, but it has an electric motor and a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. It’s a hybrid! It looks lightning-fast but does 0 to 60 in about 8 seconds! But that doesn’t matter, because this is a list about cars that make you look rich! And the Karma is a rarity with only 2,450 ever made! And it’s strange catfish styling will fool everyone around you into thinking it’s some wild Italian sportscar, not a sluggish hybrid with a cramped cabin.

So, if you want a standout car, that isn’t so bad for the environment, the Karma might be the way to go. But, an Italian stallion might have something to say about that.

Maserati GranTurismo

maserati granturismo

This car hauls ass and burns gas, baby! The Maserati GranTurismo is the perfect car to look like a baller in! With an absolutely beautiful exhaust note, you’re going to be turning heads when you sound like this. Now, that’s seriously cool, and it’s a frickin’ Maserati. Just next door to a Ferrari or a Lamborghini! Everyone will have respect for it… even the ladies.

And while this trident sounds unattainable new, our boy depreciation comes in clutch with this Italian stallion for just $20,000. Now that is a deal! And given that this is one of the only reliable Maseratis, you’re definetly going to have a fat grin on your face when you pull up to the cars and coffee. I mean, once it’s safe to go to car meets again…

Vaydor G35

Vaydor G35 body kit
Driving Your Dream

The honorable mention, real quick. If you’ve seen the Suicide Squad movie, then you’ve seen this car before, the Vaydor G35. All you have to do is take an Infiniti G35 that you can snag for $4,000, strip it of all its cosmetics, and bolt on the $11,000 Vaydor fiberglass kit that makes this thing have supercar looks without the supercar price! And we all know, when the doors go up, the ladies roll up!

Check out our video on the Vaydor G35 for everything you need to know about this sick kit!

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