Cheap Ferrari Models You Can Afford

Did you know you could be driving a Ferrari for $12,000? We aren’t talking about crappy, fake kit cars that someone out of work floridian built in their garage. We aren’t talking about the worst Ferrari’s ever made that you wouldn’t be caught dead in! 

These are real Rari’s, italian stallions you would be proud to own, and don’t have to sell a kidney for. I’m gonna lay these out for you in the only way that makes sense for these Italian bullets, from slowest to fastest! 

And the cost to buy all 5 of these italian supermodels.. Is roughly what you’d spend on a lightly used Ferrari 488 GTB. Whether you’d rather have the 488 or a bunch of old Ferraris…. well that’s up to you to decide.



Ferrari ownership is an exclusive club, a club full of beautiful people with high end jobs and beautiful partners… the ticket to get in to that club? Well….Guess what? That membership is a lot less expensive than you think. For less than the price of most modern cars, you too can live the high life with the much maligned, no fan favorite, but still an honest and true Ferrari, the Ferrari Mondial.

The least loved Fezza will make you feel like a million bucks, for about 20 grand! You’ll feel like you’re driving on the Amalfi Coast sitting on rich italian leather while a  266 horsepower V8 screams in your backseat. 

But the bad news, that noisy 8 cylinder will take a whole 9 seconds to get you up to sixty miles per hour.


Sure it won’t get you anywhere fast, but it’s turtle-like pace will just give onlookers more time to see you and your new to you Ferrari cruising by in style. And that’s just for the cheapest example, you can get a great example of a Mondial for about 30k!


So why are these so affordable?

Among Ferrari elitists, the Mondial isn’t a favorite, Top Gear even named it one of the worst cars in the history of the world, but let me tell you why they’re all wrong! 

Mondial stands for Global, signifying Ferrari’s compliance with global safety standards set in 1980, this is a Ferrari you can feel good about sticking your wife and kids in.Which, speaking of,  it can comfortably seat two adults and two children, it’s practically a van! 

Sharing it’s powertrain with the iconic Ferrari 308 and 328, the Mondial is actually fairly reliable and cheap to maintain, well… for a Ferrari. Owners report that they spend between $1,500 and $6,000 for maintenance in a year, which is about the cost of a set of tires for the Ferrari 488! 

And the best part, even though these are cheapest Ferrari’s you can buy right now, that might not always be the case. Owners speculate these will actually go up in price, so it’s not only safe, and reliable, it’s a smart investment! 

Ok ok, for real, the Mondial is pretty much the last Ferrari, or hell, the last car, anyone should buy. But if you have just GOT to have the prancing horse on your steering wheel without paying for it, the Mondial’s the cheapest… and slowest… way to go. 



Now, this list would be boring if it was all just infamous Ferrari flops. So let’s talk about a pony you can be proud to purchase.One of the most important Ferraris ever made, the Ferrari 308 is a 1970s classic that is the essence of everything Ferrari signifies even now, 50 years later.

Two seats, aggressive styling and a big freaking engine sitting behind the front axles and in front of the rear, making a ton of noise and breaking a ton of necks. Unlike the Mondial,, you won’t be laughed out of the parking lot at your local cars and coffee driving this classic.

And also unlike the mondial, it doesn’t take a fortnight to get up to sixty miles per hour, it’ll do it in about 7 seconds.

Respected to this day, this is one italian racehorse that stood the test of time. What’s it cost to drive a piece of Italian history? About 40 grand. I know, 40k ain’t cheap! But hey, this is a list of cheap FERRARIS not cheap corollas! 

This is not a Ferrari for the faint of heart though, the 308 is au-naturale. No traction control, no ABS, no storage space, no frills… and all thrills! The 308 is a true driver’s car. It’s just you, 8 cylinders roaring, and the open road.



Ask any Rari owner for a joke, and they’ll quickly answer, The Ferrari 348. Har Har.

You know what’s not a joke? How freakin’ rad 348s are!

If you asked little Squidd back in the 90s to draw a Ferrari, this would be the one I’d draw. The Pininfarina designed body lines, with the sills and vents, the wide rear end and the pop up headlights, these things just OOZE italian style from every body panel. And, if you’re not a Ferrari fanboy, you’d be fooled into thinking it was the much more highly coveted Testarossa.

Depending on who you ask, the 348 is a winner or a sinner, but if you ask me, I think they get a bad rap! 300 italian horses running through a 32 valve 3.4 liter quad-cam V8 pushed this beauty from zero to sixty in about 6 seconds, and to a top speed near 170mph! 

Sure, they don’t have a lot of clout now, but back in the early nineties, these things shook the automotive world! It won best of show at the Frankfurt Auto Show, and road and track called it one of the top ten best cars in the world! 

What’s more, the 348 was the test mule on which the Ferrari ENZO was designed, and that mule has sold for a whopping 1 million dollars at auction! The 348 is an iconic part of Ferrari’s history! 

Prices for the 348 range wildly, but you can pick one up for around 45 thousand dollars.


That’s a small price to pay to saddle up in a wicked fast Ferrari. Just make sure you have another 45 grand in your pocket for the maintenance costs on these Italian Stallions. But who’s thinking about maintenance when you’re driving something that looks and sounds THIS GOOD.

Che Bello! 



So …this list has been a bit…. Sluggish? Wanna go a bit faster? How about 375 hp and a zero to sixty in under 5 seconds? That’s seriously supercar performance. 

The Ferrari F355 is the sequel to the 348 that is better in almost every way. It’s faster, WAY faster, with nearly 100 more horsepower, more valves per cylinder, lightweight engine materials, and a body honed by over 1,300 hours in a wind tunnel, this is the first car on this list that is proper Ferrari fast. 

It’s prettier, with the smooth aerodynamic lines we’ve come to expect from a Ferrari, the F355 looks as good today as it did 25 years ago.

If you can afford a used Supra, you can afford that Ferrari.  You can get one of these smoking fast F355s for under 50 grand! It’ll still lose to a fully built 2JZ Supra, but at least you’ll look like you make more money in the parking lot afterwards? Which, let’s be honest that’s what Ferrari boys really care about. 

And that brings us to the honorable mention, the BEST deal in Italian supercars now, and maybe ever? the Ferrari that is and isn’t a Ferrari…. 



Maserati? That’s not a Ferrari! They’re competitors! TRUE, but hear me out, from 2002 until this day, Maseratis have a little…. Well big… secret under their hood. They’re powered by Ferrari! 

And the big boy Maserati Quattroporte is probably the CHEAPEST supercar right now, with decent examples going for… Seriously? TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. 

Four hundred horsepower Ferrari built v-8s, six speed transmissions, zero to sixty in about 5 seconds, 170 miles per hour, four doors, an interior made for royalty, WHY are these so cheap?!

The good news is, yes, for the price of a used Prius you get one HELL of an Italian rocket sled, with the heart and soul of a real Ferrari. You get all the amenities, comfort and style that come with it. But you also get the Quattroporte’s notorious reliability record. 

These things are maintenance nightmares! Prepare to spend fat wads of cash at a dealership on things like 5000$ brake jobs if you’re not ready to get your hands dirty doing it yourself. But if you’re not afraid to crack open a repair manual and know you’re way around a torque wrench, the Maserati Quattroporte is dollar for dollar the heaviest hitter for the lightest dent in your wallet by far! 


Alright, let’s get to the most insane deal in Ferrari’s right now, the Ferrari 360 Modena. If you can afford around 45 grand, you can drive around in a screaming fast italian thoroughbred that was made in this millenia! No one will believe you paid the cost of a lightly used BMW to own one of the best Ferrari’s ever built this side of Y2K!

An aluminum space frame chassis, an iconic body designed by Pininfarina, a monster of a 3.6 litre V8 pumping out 400 ponies and rocketing the 360 up to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and onward to 175 miles per hour, this Ferrari is Rapido! 

This is the Fezza to get if you’ve got a little cash to spend. Available with a six speed stick ,or an f1 inspired paddle shifter, hard top or spyder convertible, it doesn’t matter what you choose, these things are SICK.

So how about it? Gonna start saving up for a fiscally feasible Ferrari? What car on this list would you own?

Check out our video on these fast Ferrari’s!

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