How To Make Your Car Look 10 Years Newer

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Are you driving around in a junker, clunker, or hooptie? Is your old rustbucket in need of a refresh? If that sounds like you, well, you’re in luck.

In this article, I’m going to show you a few different ways to upgrade your old car to make it look 10 years newer!

New Wheels

aftermarket wheels

What’s one thing that totally transforms the look of just about any car? New wheels! Whether it’s just to update the look of your car, or to make it stand out, new wheels are one of the easiest ways to transform the look of your car.

And if I know anything about wheels, it’s that there are literally millions of different options. Whether it’s stock wheels, TE37’s, RPF1’s, Fifteen52’s, stancy boy rims, or 3-piece wheels, Your wheels are a huge part of the design of your car, and can take you car to new heights. Okay, don’t take that literally and go buy absolutely massive rims.

A simple Google search will reveal your wheel bolt pattern and offset. From there, keep on the Google grind and find a set that would work with your car, slap them on there, and thank me later.

Another modification that you can make to make your car look newer is updating the headlights.

New Headlights

aftermarket headlights

Whether your headlights are faded or they have the yellow halogen tint of yesteryear, there’s a lot to do with just your headlights that can update your car drastically. If your headlights have been sitting out in the sun and have gotten hazy, then you’re going to need to polish your headlights. And the results can really change the look of your car.

If you don’t like the yellow tint of your halogen bulbs at night, you can convert them to HID’s or even LED’s. They also have all different kinds of tints and brightnesses. But, if neither of those two options suit your fancy, then you might want to replace your headlights with factory style or even aftermarket ones. While this might just be the hardest of the three it will likely have the greatest effect.

And if you do even just one of these three things it can really make a huge difference in making your car look much newer, especially at night, when your headlights do a lot more than just make your car look cool.

So, updating headlights is something we should all go out and do no matter what car it is. But say your paint is worse than your bad headlights, or it’s fading, or something with your paint is just not cutting it. Then I’d advise you to go and get your car wrapped.

New Wrap

psychedelic car wrap

Wrapped? What on Earth is that? If you’re unaware, a wrap is like a gigantic sticker stuck onto your car to give it a new design or color, which can be perfect to totally transform the look of your car. I did it on my 997 911 and the Ideal Jeep, which if you’re asking me, look pretty damn cool.

So, if you want to go to for a subtle color, it’s all you! If you want a crazy design, you got it! With a wrap, the sky’s the limit! And they almost always make your car look way newer than it really is. They’re up there with wheels as far as price, but it’s one of the easiest ways to make your car look new and even give it a bit of your own flavor.

Say that you’ve already got your car wrapped, but it’s not quite doing it for you. One of the best things to do is to get your car detailed.


car detailing

Professional detailers go through every nook and cranny of your car and wash and repeat more times than you can count! They use all their special detailing products on the exterior as well as the interior of your car. But want to know a heavily guarded secret? You could get all the products that detailers use and detail the car yourself.

From a simple rinse and wax to a full in-depth deep clean, anything you do to make your car cleaner can really do wonders on giving your old bucket some new shine. Even if you have a nicely washed car, there’s always more you can do to clean it and make it look that much better.

If you’re like me, it’s very rare that your car is perfectly clean both inside and out. But one thing I just can’t compromise on is making sure that my car’s bodywork is perfect.


diy car bodywork

No dents. No scratches. No paint blemishes. Nothing. If your car needs any bodywork, even just some small touch-ups, you could easily make your car look ten times better! Get those imperfections dealt with and you rock around town in a car that looks much newer, nicer, and cooler.

So, why not just bite the bullet and get all your bodywork all sorted out? You’re one phone call away from fixing the inevitable door dings, curb rashes, and stone chips that come with everyday driving. These are all unavoidable things that happen sooner or later, so fixing them and making your car look pristine will end up saving you time later.

Something else that could make your car look much newer is adding on a bodykit.


honda s2000 bodykit

As long as you’re smart about what kit you go with and the style you’re trying to achieve, the results can be huge. Now, the great thing about bodykits are that they’re offered for just about any kind of car out there. Yes, even minivans. Bodykits are a great way to modernize the look of any car and differentiate your ride from your neighbors.

From bumpers to side skirts to diffusers and splitters, even spoilers and wings. Bodykits are just a universal way to say new exterior parts or panels. Put some on your car and thank me later! If done right, bodykits will add a whole bunch of curb appeal to even the trashiest of cars. Just don’t add a trash bodykit to your car. I’ve seen kits made out of actual cardboard!

Well, I think you get the idea, bodykits can make your car look really goodo r they can have the opposite effect, so just be careful with this one.

And, if you do it right, you might just want to pair it with a set of new taillights.

New Taillights

cool tail lights

Why spend your money on taillights? Well, because you’d be surprised how dated some of your tailights look. And maybe you might think yours are cool and new-looking, but you might be surprised to know that there are cooler lights out there. I’m talking sleek and unique, baby!

Even if all you’re doing is going from a standard light to a sequential, you’d be surprised just how big of a difference they could make. If you have a new car, there might be other trims that have fancier taillights that aren’t even to change out for your lesser ones.

And man, let me tell you how big a difference they actually make. You might not think that it really changes the look of your car, but imagine how much more visible it could make you at night. So, upgrading those taillights will give it a totally different road presence at night.

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