INSANE Car Fears! [You probably HAVE one!]

Sure, you can be afraid of spiders, And plenty of people are afraid of clowns, Some are even scared of … Mustard?

But did you know, that there are people out there afraid of headlights? There are a ton of automotive phobias you may not have heard about, and you probably have one!

I’m going to run through phobias involving cars that are way more common than you think,


I’m going to assume if you’re reading Ideal Media, you’re not afflicted with this phobia.

Motorphobia is the general fear of cars, and riding in them. Even seeing a Prius driving down the street can cause anxiety and shortness of breath.

And the sight of a flame spitting Lambo? Forget it, anyone with Motorphobia would pass out!


Mechanophobia is like Motorphobia on steroids!

bracke forest ab

Mechanophobia is the fear of all things MACHINE. Cars, Trucks, Planes, Trains, Fax Machines, Electric toothbrushes, chainsaws, paper shredders, cranes, you name it! If it’s mechanical it’ll drive you maniacal!

People with Mechanophobia typically got that way from losing a limb, or finger or toe to a machine… So their fear kind of makes sense, and honestly who’s not a little afraid of chainsaws?


This is probably the most common phobia on our list, Claustrophobia is the fear of confined spaces. And unless you’re driving a drop top, any vehicle is a confined space.


Some cars are more claustrophobic than others, like the cute but a little too cuddly, Chevy Spark, or the horrifyingly cramped Fiat 500, and a claustrophobic’s worst nightmare, the Smart Four Two


Once again a reason why Miata’s are always the answer, a drop top is a sure fire cure to automotive claustrophobia.


We’ve covered how cars are scary from outside and in, now what about when you take the reins! Vehophobia is the fear of driving cars, the fear of making a mistake and ending up in an accident.


These are the type of people you usually see with their seats all the way forward, their sweaty palms with a death grip on the wheel and driving as slow and as far away from everyone else. They are scared to DEATH of driving, in any situation.

Which makes sense since, on average over 3,200 people die EVERY DAY driving cars…


Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more annoying than a back seat driver. SLOW DOWN, You’re TAILGATING, STOP DRIFTING, yadda yadda yadda! It never ends!


Well guess what, that nagging voice from the back seat miiiight just be suffering from Amaxophobia. The fear of being a passenger. These worry warts just cannot handle that they’re not in control! And what’s worse is their condition and back seat harassment will only increase the chances they’ll be in an accident!

This is why I think every car should have that divider window they have in Limos, solves so many problems…


Elon Musk look out, this growing trend in modern phobias is coming for you. Those suffering from Technophobia, are afraid of advanced technologies.


Automatic lane control, fancy in dash touch displays, silent electric cars, Self driving cars, technophobes are essentially Teslaphobes! This modern phobia is affecting huge amounts of people, upwards of 30% of our society in some form or another! And the fast pace of innovations coming year after year are only gonna make it worse!

So the best perscription for a technophobe? Classic. American. MUSCLE. Stripped down and simple sports cars are just what the doctor ordered baby!



To most people, the beautiful orange red beauty that is the Golden Gate Bridge, is a MUST SEE. But to people with Gephyrophobia, It’s a blood red golden gate TO HELL!

The collapsed 35W bridge in Minneapolis seen on August 2, 2007

Gephyrophobia is the fear of crossing bridges, Is it going to crack and crumble? Is it going to sway in the wind? Am I going to get trapped on the bridge? All things that run through their minds.

And the worst place to go if you’ve afflicted with Gephyrophobia? CHINA


China’s been building the most INSANE bridges. Like the world’s longest over sea bridge, in the East Taihang Mountains they even have glass bridges that pretend to crack when you walk on them… EVIL!


The invention of the car unlocked long distance travel for BILLIONS of people around the world, who doesn’t love that? People with Hodophobia, that’s who.

vacation mood

This crowd of shut-ins is afraid of travel. Of being in new and unfamiliar places. So the American Dream of being in a nice car and hitting the open road is essentially a nightmare!


Let it snow let it snow let it snoooow…. That’s right, The fear of snow.

While we here at the Ideal see a snow storm as an opportunity to go get loose and make a few powdered doughnuts…

The sight of that fluffy white strikes fear into the hearts of those with Chionophobia… And it’d be damn near impossible to get behind the wheel of a car in snowy conditions with this affliction! The cure? Live close to the equator!


This hard to say phobia is the fear of bright and glaring lights…. Like headlights.

autos tribe

We all hate those bastards driving late at night with their high beams on, but to these poor souls, it’s not anger, it’s FEAR. Those glaring lights will cause panic and anxiety! So if any of you high beamers are watching, maybe think about that next time you’re driving late at night!

Brad Danger
Mr. Danger loves cars, finance and living the Ideal Lifestyle!