High Paying Jobs That No One Wants To Do (And How To Get Them)

We recently did a video on gross jobs that pay pretty well. It’s right here, for those of you that missed it, and it really goes to show you that there is still money to be made in this crazy world. 

Today we are going to look at five more jobs that span the spectrum between entry-level and requiring a medical doctorate. They all have two things in common. They pay well for the level of education they require, and no one wants to do them. We have a sneaking suspicion that those two things are linked. 

We don’t just want you to know about these jobs, though. If you have the drive to make a bunch of money and don’t really care how we want to help you get the job by breaking down what each one requires. 

Let’s jump into… Well, considering the first job is plumber, let’s not jump into “it.” Let’s begin.

The Jobs

The following list is loosely ordered by the amount of work it takes to get into the profession. Although, if you want an easy answer, skip the nursing entry. Nurses are in incredibly high demand, and while it is incredibly demanding and difficult, it does pay a lot and can be very rewarding. 

Otherwise, if you have no experience doing anything, you can always glue two pipes together. 

Plumber ($60k-$80k)

Chances are good that you have needed a plumber at some time in your life. When something goes wrong with the water or waste system in your home, it can become a massive problem very quickly. Anytime something is time-sensitive like that, you know that you’re going to be paying a lot. 

What you, dear reader, want to do is be the one making the money off of other people’s panic. Bonus points, once you clear their toilet, you’ll be their hero. You’ll get fame and money, what more could you want?

What You’ll Be Doing

The wonderful world of plumbing is mostly divided into two different areas. 

On one side, whenever someone is remodeling a house or building a new house, they’ll need pipes installed. The person that installs those pipes is a plumber. Doing new construction or remodeling doesn’t pay as well as doing emergency service work, but it’s much cleaner. 

The dirty part starts when you have to do emergency service. We don’t need to tell you that a toilet isn’t the cleanest thing in existence, but honestly, we think clearing traps is worse. There’s always a big hairy, smelly surprise waiting to plop onto your shirt. You will get paid more, though, since people only need a plumber to service their pipes when something has gone wrong.  

Education Required

You don’t need no education, teacher leave them kids alone. Or rather, many plumbers have no formal education. There are trade schools and community colleges that will teach you the trade, but it’s not a necessity.

It’s more common to simply find a plumber that is making money, then work for them until you are confident enough to strike out on your own.

How To Get Started

Since the only thing you need to get started is a good work ethic, there isn’t much you need to do. Jump on Craigslist or whatever your favorite job-finding site and get to browsing. 

Or, simply look up your local plumbers and ask them if they need a helper. Lots of construction jobs can be gotten by simply telling the contractor you are willing to show up. 

Be aware that sometimes plumbing jobs will be hidden under different titles. For instance, a shower system installer is a plumber. In fact, if the description has anything to do with bathrooms, mudrooms, or appliance installation, chances are plumbing will be part of the job. 

Deer Pee A Lot
Photo by Scott Carroll on Unsplash

Deer Urine Collector ($80k-$300k)

Yes, you read that correctly. No, we aren’t making it up. Hunters like to make sure that they don’t smell like a hunter, otherwise, the deer will run away. It turns out that deer pee perfume is just the ticket. That means there is a huge market for deer urine, and someone needs to go out and get it. 

Shockingly, it’s not exactly a job that people dream of doing. That’s good news for you since it means that it pays well – some reports say that you can make over a quarter-million a year

What You’ll Be Doing

While the title might conjure images of chasing wildlife through the forest with a bedpan, the reality is much more mundane. A deer farmer, which is a real thing, corrals a bunch of deer into a room that has drains on the floor. The deer pee, it goes down the drain and collects in barrels. 

That’s where you come in. You get to collect those barrels and bottle up the golden liquid inside. Since a deer can pee a half-gallon or more per day, you’ll stay pretty busy. If it helps, just pretend you work for Budweiser. 

Education Required

While you don’t need formal education, you do need to know a lot about the industry. This is not a job you just apply for at the local recruiters; you basically need to build the entire business yourself. 

We would suggest at least some education in business; either a few years of college for marketing or accounting. Since you will basically need to be your own business, it’s imperative that you at least understand how to close a sale and manage your accounts. 

How To Get Started

Most urine collectors and pheromone salespeople contract with deer ranches. Or, they own tame deer themselves. That means you need to talk to local businesses, research and find out who’s raising deer near you, and then do all the legal work required to set up the contracts. 

And that’s the easy part. The hard part is that once you set all that up and start collecting the urine, you need to sell it. Hunters are your main clients, so selling to local outdoor shops and hunting lodges is an easy first step. 

You can find out more here

Nurse ($80k-$120k)

It’s one of the most demanding jobs on our list today, but you better believe that it’s in high demand and no one wants to do it. Especially not right now; early 2022, at the time of writing this, nurses are a rare breed. 

It’s definitely not a job for everyone. It’s physically demanding, you will work long hours, and you are dealing with people at their worst since that’s the job. However, the pay per year is fairly decent, and you’ll never be lacking work. 

What You’ll Be Doing

Your day-to-day will vary greatly depending on where you go. At a hospital you’ll mostly be setting up patients, drawing blood, and being the face of the hospital. At a small clinic, you’ll probably be doing checkups, performing basic tests, and translating doctor speak to English. 

We here at Ideal reached out and spoke to a nurse at a state mental hospital. His duties include strapping patients to a bed, physically restraining patients for the doctor, and being the patient’s friend. He went to the hospital after working in a retirement home where he spent a lot of time helping people eat. 

Education Required

In order to become an RN, that’s a registered nurse, you will need to enter a nursing program. The amount of time it takes to complete the program varies quite a bit depending on the program.

In general, you will need 3 years to become licensed. For many people, that means 2 years to get an associate’s degree, and one year of working at a practice. 

However, there are options to fast-track the process. We’ll outline them below. 

How To Get Started

There are three ways to get started quickly. For a more detailed breakdown, head here

  1. Become an LPN. A licensed practical nurse is like a nurse’s nurse. The training takes about a year, and after working asn an LPN for a while, you can slowly advance your way towards becoming an RN. 
  2. Get an associates degree in nursing. Many community colleges offer nursing programs that take 18 months to complete. Some schools even have a majority online curriculum, meaning that you you can learn at your own pace. 
  3. Add a nursing degree to your existing degree. If you already have a Bachelor’s or Aswsociate’s you can add a nursing degree to your existing degree. You have to enter a program like the one described above, but you won’t have to do any of the core work, which means you can get licensed in as littler as one year. 
Beautiful Elevators You Will Work On
Photo by Mahad Aamir on Unsplash

Elevator Installer/Repairer ($80k-$100k)

Elevators are tricky. They have to go up and down while carrying a group of people, which means that failure is not an option. That means they have to be serviced regularly. They also need to be installed by someone that really knows what they are doing, otherwise, people could be hurt. 

If you have the stomach to shoulder that responsibility, and love math, there’s a lot of money to be made. 

What You’ll Be Doing

Aside from the obvious greasing and inspecting the parts of an elevator, an elevator installer has to do a ton of planning. Since you’ll be the one doing the install, you need to be able to work closely with architects and engineers doing calculations and drafting. 

One of the nice parts of the job is that you’ll be able to be in and out of truly amazing buildings. Those skyscrapers that dominate the skylines of major cities all have elevator shafts. So do all those resort hotels in the most beautiful places on earth.

Education Required

An elevator tech needs four to five years of schooling. The good news is that only some of the schooling is in a classroom, and you can actually get paid to go. 

You’ll be learning electrical theory, physics, safety, math, and drafting. If you already have a background in one of those subjects, you can usually go straight into the on-the-job training. That can significantly shorten the process. 

How To Get Started

The primary path for an elevator mechanic is to join a union or enter into an apprenticeship program. 

Getting a job as an electrician or in general construction can be a good way to start the journey. Many large construction firms will sponsor you if you want to get your elevator training. 

There is a lot of information here at the National Elevator Industry Educational Program website. 

Proctologist ($400k+)

Have you ever wanted to get close and personal with the inside of someone’s butt? No? Yeah, us neither. In fact, not many people do. Even the prestige of being a doctor doesn’t offset the stigma of being a butt doctor. 

However, since it’s not the most desirable medical profession, it does pay quite a lot. 

What You’ll Be Doing

Treating hemorrhoids, dealing with anal cancer, and looking at a lot of poo. That’s probably the easy part if we are honest. 

The hard part is that you have to deal with patients who came to you because they are having an issue with what is likely a very embarrassing subject for them. That means you need to be understanding and empathetic while also extracting the knowledge from them concerning what you may have to extract. 

Education Required

There are no shortcuts here; you will need a medical degree. Most people can expect that to take ten years. If you are really good, maybe eight years. 

First, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree. Then you’ll need to go into med school, then become a resident. It’s definitely not easy.  

How To Get Started

Helping you become a doctor is a bit beyond the scope of a website primarily concerned with making you look good. 

Chances are good that if you have the drive or desire to become a doctor, you already know. If you didn’t have it before, and you saw the 400,000 dollar income potential and were suddenly convinced, we are sure you can find the information. God speed and good luck. 

Wrapping It Up

That’s it for today. Four jobs that are necessary for modern society to function, one wildcard, and a million dollars a year between them. Are you inspired to pursue any of them? Or are you content to join the throngs of people that don’t want to do them? No judgment, we don’t want to deal with poop either. The money sure looks tempting, though… 

We talked about being a plumber and being a doctor. In this article herehttps://ideal.media/plumber-vs-doctor-who-generates-more-wealth/, we compare their income over time. Or, if you need a break from the hard work, check out these amazing portable grills

Oh, and we have a tiktok now. If you are into cars and short videos, check it out. 

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