Keanu Reeve’s Secret Motorcycle Company

Keanu Reeves Riding an ARCH Motorcycle

I’m about to tell you about something you may not know about everyone’s favorite movie star, Keanu Reeves.

You know him as Neo, Ted, Wick…

Keanu Reeves is a talented and beloved actor, musician, and now character in one of the most anticipated video games of all time.

We all know Keanu as someone you love on screen, but when he’s not murdering someone on screen, he’s the co-creator of the American motorcycle brand ARCH.

Keanu learned to ride motorcycles for a movie early in his career, and became instantly infatuated, riding on two wheels in many of his movies ever since.

Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger with ARCH Motorcycles
Vanity Fair

Co-founded with his friend Gard Hollinger. Arch is based in So-Cal and makes a variety of what they call “performance cruisers”. Arch’s rides are an awesome blend of classic, minimalist styling with modern, and even future technology. 

These aren’t just off-the-shelf rockets either. Every ARCH bike is bespoke, made collaboratively to fit the preferences and desires of the person buying it. 

ARCH KRGT-1 Motorcycle

ARCH offers three models, starting with the KRGT-1. This bike is a production version of the first motorcycle Gard made for Keanu. A blend of carbon fiber and billet aluminum parts made by ARCH, a powerful V-twin engine package, Ohlins front and rear suspension, ISR brake components, BST carbon fiber wheels wrapped in Michelin tires. The KRGT-1 is the bike that launched ARCH and appears to be their most popular model to date. 

ARCH KRGT-1 Motorcycle

The KRGT-1 quickly became something that motorcycle enthusiasts dreamed of when it launched in 2015. And, in 2017, for those looking for a more sport like ride, Keanu and Gard also created the ARCH 1S with a wider rake, an aggressive seating position, and mid controls offer a very different rider experience.

ARCH 1S Motorcycle

Similarly equipped from the same production partners, the 1S does feature a unique carbon fiber fuel cell system with integrated air intake and filtration,  a distinct stainless and carbon fiber exhaust system made in house, and an AIM digital instrumentation display.

ARCH Motorcycle exhaust

The 1S also features a single sided swingarm that holds the BST Carbon Fiber rear wheel. This reduces weight and makes for easier maintenance.

ARCH Method 143 Concect Bike

And rounding the trifecta of bikes on offer from Arch, the Method 143 is the shining example of what they can create. Built upon an ultra light carbon fiber monocell chassis, essentially the technology used in modern Formula 1 cars. This mono cell design provides an incredibly stiff ride at very low weight.

Following a minimalist and performance centered design philosophy, The Method 143 is wrapped in uncovered aluminum and looks like the new SpaceX Starship.

ARCH Method 143 seat

The 143 stands for the massive 143-cubic-inch powerplant that propels this rocketship.

Wheels are a bespoke creation from their partners at BST.

The music of the engine is driven through a SC Project carbon fiber exhaust inspired by Moto GP.

ARCH Method 143 Keanu Reeves

And what fun would it be if their top-of-the-line concept bike wasn’t rare as well? There’ll only be 23 Method 143s out in the wild, each a unique work of art.

And what does it cost to ride one of these one-off creations from Arch? You can get a KRGT-1 or 1S starting at around $80,000, and since the 143 doesn’t have a price listed, we would imagine it’s probably a lot more than you think.

So, there you have it, Neo is making motorcycles and they are actually insanely cool! 

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