Lebron James Has a Wild Car Collection


Get ready for the rumble and thunder of Lebron’s garage, because the King’s collection of MVP vehicles is a striaght-up slam dunk! Some of these cars are absolutely ballin’, like his King’s Pride Lambo worth $670,000! Or his high-flying 911 with horsepower jumpin’ out the gym!

Lebron’s not only a world-class athlete, he’s proved that he’s got some serious taste when it comes to what he’s driving. In this article, we’re going to go shooting guard to gearhead with Lebron’s wild car collection!

Louie La Vie Lamborghini Aventador ($670,000)

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You know you got 4-time MVP levels of dough when you get a car just to match your shoes, and a car that costs $670,000 no less! When Nike released the Lebron X1 shoe, the world-class athlete unveiled a brand new Lamborghini Aventador with a wrap to match the inside stitching of the shoe, a floral pattern that looks, well… interesting. 

The design was based on a collaboration by Lou La Vie, Rich B. Caliente, and Toys for Boys Miami. And I’m not sure I support what they did to that Lambo, but when you consider the fact that this lightning-bolt Lambo revs up 670 ponies with its 6.5-liter V12, you’re probably just going to hear that Italian tiger purring and see a whoosh of green when it passes you on the PCH. 

The most expensive car in his whole collection, it’s no wonder this car’s been nicknamed “The King’s Pride”.

Porsche 911 Turbo S ($162,000)


I bet Lebron’s glad to be back in the California sun. It’s probably a bit of a bummer driving a drop-top Porsche 911 Turbo S through the streets of Cleveland. But the King actually bought this car back when he was playing for the Miami Heat, though he wasn’t the only one on the roster with a 911. All-star Dwayne Wade also often pulled up to practice in a white 911 to balance out Lebron’s blacked-out roofless road rocket. 

And it’s easy to see why this is a popular car among NBA superstars. The Turbo S jumps up to 550 horsepower, has a six-piston caliper in the front and a four-pot in the rear, and has an interior that you’d probably feel guilty sitting on if you aren’t a millionaire.

2008 Maybach 57S ($380,000)

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King James paid homage to his home state of Ohio when he bought his Maybach 57S, hooking it up with a custom license plate that reads “King of OH”. And regardless of how you Ohio people feel about Lebron since he left Cleveland, you’ve got to admit he’s got stellar taste in luxury automotives. 

While the front of the 57S might resemble your average Mercedes, it’s got that classy emblem that makes a Maybach a Maybach, and some serious specs under the hood. The 57S rocks a 620-horsepower V12 and has a curb weight around 3 tons, making this ultra-luxury car a certified concrete-crushing powerhouse. 

Unfortunately, that engine gets just 10 miles to the gallon, so LBJ probably ended up spending another $400,000 at the gas pump just by driving this thirsty four-wheeler. 

Oh well, when you have one of the highest salaries in the NBA, you probably got some spare change to fill your tank.

2019 Rolls-Royce Phantom ($400,000)

Business Insider

Ah, what would any celebrity car collection be without a Rolls-Royce Phantom? This ultra-luxury status symbol is a staple in the garages of the rich and famous. And at $400,000 MSRP, it’s pretty much only catered to multimillionaires. 

But, in fact, King James didn’t pay a dime for Rolls-Royce’s flagship sedan. He got the car as a gift for his 25th birthday from fellow NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal when the two were playing together in Cleveland. I wish Squidd  hooked me up with multiple-hundred-thousand-dollar B-day gifts. Oh well. 

Driving a Phantom is a completely unique experience. It’s got luxury stuffed into every corner. I mean you can even get your own Rolls-Royce champagne chest to impress your red carpet guests, and the interior roof lights up like the night sky. Now that’s riding in style.

2009 Bentley Continental GT ($179,000)


Out of all the production luxury cars on the planet, the Continental GT has made a name for itself as being one of the very best, and it’s only right that this NBA All-Star should have one in his stable. 

This beautifully-constructed Bentley has near-supercar power and pace with over 600 horsepower emanating from a 6-liter W12. All you have to do is plant that right foot and feel the acceleration while you’re sitting back on some high-grade leather upholstery. It’s no wonder this is apparently one of the King’s favorite cars.

Ferrari F430 Spider ($217,000)

The Sun

Another car that Lebron’s often photographed in is his Ferrari 430 Spider. This blacked-out RPM-devil features a 480-horsepower V8 that can be displayed loud and proud through a fully-automatic retractable hood. That’s right. All LBJ has to do is press a button to reveal that power plant, rev it up and hear it howl, and watch them jaws drop! 

This super slick Spider was featured on the first episode of Unique Whips in 2008, which in case you don’t know, is a show that aired on the now-non existent Speed Channel and was basically MTV cribs for cars. 

And Lebron’s black Spider definitely was UNIQUE. He had the thing customized to fit his NBA-sized 6-foot-5 frame. I guess James definitely has the most spacious Spider on the block. 

It’s also definitely worth mentioning that Lebron’s got a couple of Rari’s hiding in his garage, including a red 599 that he got from Unique Motorsports worth somewhere around $200,000, and a drop-top 458 Italia Spider that he uses as a daily driver that cost Bron Bron $245,000. 

And while these other Ferraris are definitely slick and expensive, they aren’t quite as unique as that modified 430.

2018 Maybach S650 ($198,000)

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Maybach got their start back in 1909 building engines for rail cars, airplanes, and zeppelins, before moving into the automotive space. Today, super-elite celebrities… and their kids… can be seen driving them all over the Hollywood Hills. 

Back in 2018, Lebron posted a video to his Instagram of him and his 3-year-old daughter Zhuri singing along to a song from Disney’s Frozen that blew up all over the internet. I bet at age 3, Zhuri’s probably a little too young to recognize the ridiculous luxury she’s sitting on. 

The interior of the S650 is like you died and went to leather heaven. With nearly an entire basketball court of space in the backseat, independent lighting in the front and back, and even a choice of scents that can be dispensed, it’s clear Maybach’s come a long way from building blimps.

Mercedes S63 AMG ($140,000)


Built by Mercedes’s performance subdivision, the S63 AMG is as fine-tuned as Lebron’s jumpshot. Under that sleek exterior, this performance prowler’s got a twin-turbo 4-liter V8 that feeds its 4Matic all-wheel drive system through a nine-speed automatic transmission. And that engines capable of uncorking a quick 603 horsies!

And inside? A cabin that says “affluence”, with two 12-inch display screens and premium material on every single surface. This car is built for swerving through lanes with the same grace as Lebron going to the bucket! AND ONE!

1975 Chevy Impala ($30,000)


Nothing says Miami quite like a ranfla bouncing down Ocean Drive on a Saturday night, and LBJ was clearly paying homage to the culture when he got his custom 1975 lowrider Impala

He also had some subs stuffed in the trunk, he stuck some purple chrome rollers on it, and draped the interior in leather the color of a Miami Beach cabana. The fact that Lebron’s got a custom cruiser like this is his collection shows that he’s not just rich enough to buy the world’s finest motors, the man’s got some TASTE too!

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon ($26,000)


If you’re focused on leading the Lakers to an NBA championship, you probably don’t have a lot of time to take your family camping in your Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. And it’s really too bad that this mud-flinging mountain monster is locked away in Lebron’s garage, because the Rubicon was built to take on the most treacherous terrains on God’s green earth

Powered by an unleaded V6 and sitting on aluminum wheels with a 97-inch base, this truck is hardcore and heavy-duty. And it might even be his most iconic, with that bright orange paint job and the Lebron lion logo stitched into the headrests.

I doubt the King plans on going off-roading anytime soon, but I’d say his Rubicon looks pretty good on the Los Angeles pavement too.

Chevy Camaro SS ($25,000)


Lebron’s Chevy Camaro SS looks like it was inspired by the Star Wars Stormtroopers, or maybe he got sponsored by Colgate, because this thing is so white it’s literally hard to look at. 

He also gave this whip a pair of sports wheels that have the rotational mass of a small planet. You could say this car’s got some flash. Like when someone points a camera directly in your face and leaves the flash on.

Hummer H2 ($28,000)

Yahoo! Sports

We can’t talk about Lebron’s car collection without mentioning the first car he ever got. Back when his mother Gloria realized her son was going to be a future multimillion-dollar athlete, she took out a loan on Lebron’s future earnings, and bought him a Hummer H2 back when these cars were popular back in 2002. 

Unfortunately, this proved to be a little controversial, and led to an investigation by the Ohio High School Athletic Association. But Lebron ended up being all clear, and he just put his giant gas-guzzling H2 up for auction!

Kia K900 ($35,000)

Business Insider

Back around 2014, Kia went on a tear of giving away free cars to high-powered celebrities as a PR stunt. Lebron James was one of the lucky beneficiaries of this campaign, getting a brand new custom K900 at no cost to him. 

However, the car did come with some obligations. James signed on to do an ad campaign for Kia called “The Truth”, where he told the truth about his love for Kia automobiles. Whether or not James is actually a ride-or-die Kia fan, who knows? 

But it is pretty clear that he was getting some sort of compensation from Kia to drive his K900 to games, to the supermarket, and in other highly-public places. I guess it’s good advertising, but come on. If you’re King James, and you have an Aventador and a 911 Turbo S in the stable, wouldn’t you rather drive one of them than a K900? Definitely some cash coming the king’s way from Kia.

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