Lewis Hamilton Is QUITTING Cars



6-time Formula One World Champion and owner of one of the craziest collections of production cars on Earth, Lewis Hamilton, says he’s giving up the reins to all those petrol-sippin’ engines because he wants to lessen his carbon footprint, and will only be driving his all-electric Mercedes EQC from now on!

He even went full vegan and sold his private jet.

Oh well, for the rest of us, that means all the futuristic supercars and hell-raising classics in his collection will be up on the auction block soon enough… But unless you’re a Hollywood superstar, or one of his F1 teammates, good luck affording them. 

We’re going take a look at the insane… and currently inactive collection Lewis Hamilton has locked away in his two garages out in Monaco and LA. If you feel a bit heartbroken by the end of this article, don’t worry, we’ve got some news that might cheer you up in the end.

1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Gauge Magazine

Since we here at Ideal are shameless classics addicts, it’s only right that we kick off this list with Lewis Hamilton’s 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Hamilton bought this lane-crushing classic after seeing Steve McQueen driving one in the movie Bullitt.

I definitely understand why Lewis was into it, the GT500 might be the epitome of American muscle car style. But according to the F1 legend, he was less-than-impressed with its performance. He even called the car “a heap of junk”!

Ooooh, that hurt my soul a little bit, and I’m sure the folks at Ford feel the same way. 

These super stylish classics are going for around $220,000 these days, but if you ask Lewis Hamilton, you’re really only paying for a mean-looking body kit and a slick paint job. 

McLaren P1


Seemingly a nostalgic purchase, Lewis bought this car right after he made the switch over from the McLaren F1 Team to Mercedes. And he seems to have some warm feelings for his old sponsors, since he’s been seen driving this British-built hypercar around his home in Monaco. 

It makes sense considering Hamilton started training as a development driver with McLaren at age 13, after boldly approaching company boss Ron Dennis at age 9 and telling him he wanted to drive for McLaren. Looks like dreams do come true, at least if you’re Lewis Hamilton.

Years later in 2015, he’s dropping around $900,000 for a super-rare royal blue P1, one of just 375 of this model ever built. And this unique beast has a twin-turbo V8 that generates…wait for it… 903 horsepower. Hey, if anyone can handle that kind of power, it’s the champ Lewis Ham.

Pagani Zonda 760 LH

Motor Authority

Undoubtedly one of Lewis’s favorite cars has got to be his Pagani Zonda LH. Can you guess what LH stands for? 

If you guessed Low Horsepower…you couldn’t be more far off. This life-size Hot Wheels car is cranking right around 750 horsepower out of a V12 Monster.

If you guessed Lewis Hamilton. YOU’RE A WINNER! Maybe not as much of a winner as Lewis, but give yourself a pat on the back anyway. 

But yeah, this car is a one-off that’s part of an entire series of one-off custom Zondas that Pagani was building for special clients. Lewis paid nearly $2,000,000 to have this one custom made for him, and guess what? He said it handles terribly and is the worst of any car he owns! 

Him being an F1 driver, I’m inclined to believe him. Well, that’s $2,000,000 down the drain. But I guess that’s no biggie when your net worth is somewhere around $285,000,000.

Mercedes AMG G63 6X6


The F1 Prince of Pavement has more than just sick supercars and jaw-dropping classics in his collection, he also has probably the most extreme and over-the-top SUV ever built by the Mercedes marque: the AMG G63 6X6! 

That’s right, Mercedes built an unbelievably badass 6-wheeled off-roading rig with a 5.5-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 that sends 544 horses of power to all 6 wheels. 

Never seen one of these on your street kicking slush up onto your snowman? Well, that makes sense, because there’s only a hundred of them on Earth. And one of them is sitting in Lewis Hamilton’s garage. They’re so rare that the asking price for one of these luxury lugboats is up around $1,500,000! 

But apparently, even a 6-wheeler that expensive can get stuck in the snow, as supercar collector Greg B will tell you. Let’s just hope Lewis is smart enough to keep his  out of the frozen tundra.

Mercedes AMG Project One

Top Gear

Among the most recent additions to Lewis’s ridiculous collection of cars is his Mercedes AMG Project One. This hybrid hypercar brings Formula One technology to a production model hybrid car in a way that will have you convinced you’re driving a charged-up supercar with a gas-sippin’ V8. 

The Project One is supposed to crack a thousand horsepower with its plug-in hybrid drivetrain and hit a top speed of 217 miles per hour, even jumping up to 120 miles per hour in under 6 seconds. 

And while it’s public release date has been delayed from the original 2019 to 2021 due to concerns about the complicated exhaust system meeting emissions requirements, if you’re an F1 legend, especially one that drives for Mercedes, you have ways of getting what nobody else has. 

When these cars finally hit the market, the price is rumored to be $2,720,000! And I’d say that if you want buy a Project One that was pre-owned by Lewis Hamilton, you’re probably going to have to pay a premium on top of that.

Ferrari LaFerrari

Cars – Agents4Stars.com

Undeniably one of the greatest formula one racers to ever grace this planet, it’s only right that Lewis Hamilton should own one of the coolest Ferraris ever crafted. The Ferrari LaFerrari is a hybrid hypercar with approximately 1,000 horses under the hood and a top speed of 220 miles per hour. 

This ride combines the power of a 6.3-liter Ferrari V12 with a KERS-esque battery pack rigged up to an electric motor to produce incredible power off the starting line, hitting 60 miles per hour in a blistering 2.4 seconds, which is the kind of acceleration Hamilton is used to!

It’s no wonder Ferrari chose this Mach-5 hybrid motor to have the same name as the marque itself. Literally, LaFerrari just means “The Ferrari” in Italian. And only 499 of these spicy meatballs have ever been built, so it’s no wonder an ultra-rare mega-powered machine like this is selling at around $1,500,000 today. 

That’s a wad of cash that only Lew Ham could muster up. Apparently Justin Bieber got to take a ride in this Ferrari-red speed demon down Sunset Boulevard. Must be nice to have friends in high places.

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

The Supercar Blog

The second LaFerrari that Hamilton added to his collection was the LaFerrari Aperta, which is similar to its non-Aperta brother, except for the fact that it’s an open-air spider with a hard-top convertible roof, and it’s EVEN MORE RARE and EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE!

There were just over 200 of these bad boys made, and as you know, rarity is going to drive up the price of any commodity, street-legal Ferrari racecars included. If you’re looking to cop an Aperta these days, you’re looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,200,000!

Under the hood, the situations pretty similar to the normal LaFerrari, a Ferrari V12 matched up with a 120-kilowatt electric motor that delivers a combined output of around 950 horses. 

So between his two LaFerraris, Lewis is looking at around 2,000 horsepower and nearly $3,500,000!

You could probably get that kind of power for a whole lot less, but Lewis is an investor and a collector. And he’s clearly got some money to blow.

Mercedes AMG GTR


For the mundane and everyday tasks of his life, I mean, if a superstar like Lewis Hamilton even does those… he’s got a Mercedes AMG GTR. I wonder if the fact that he drives for the Mercedes F1 team has anything to do with the fact that he reps the Merc badge during his day-to-day life…

However, he has gone on record saying that this is his favorite Mercedes, behind, of course, his formula one racecar. It’s a bit strange to me that with all the multi-million-dollar wheels in his collection, that he prefers a car worth around $100,000. But hey, if anyone knows quality it’s Lew Ham.

Mercedes announced the updated AMG GTR Pro back in November 2018, but it’s only now hitting the assembly line this year. Too bad he’ll never get to experience it. You know, since he’s giving up gasoline. To my knowledge, they won’t be offering an EV version of the GTR Pro.

Vision Mercedes Maybach 6

Only Cars

Touted as a “revelation in luxury” by Mercedes, the Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 looks like a Maybach S650 got sucked through a wormhole and lost its roof along the way. 

This 738-horsepower fully-electric luxury cabriolet has an engine for each of its four wheels and can apparently travel over 200 miles on a single charge. 

The body has super futuristic styling, with smooth, rounded lines running down the length of the car to the back fenders and wrapping around to create an elegant and natural aesthetic. The interior just bleeds luxury with its straight-outta-the-future dash and white leather trim. It’s no wonder Lewis was willing to throw $300,000 on one of these when they came out back in 2016.

Ferrari 599 SA Aperta

Classic Driver

You know you’re a big-time car collector when you get a super-exclusive Ferrari and drive it only maybe once or twice. When the Ferrari 599 SA Aperta debuted at the 2010 Paris Auto Show, each of the only 80 units ever produced had already been sold. 

This light soft-top roadster version of the base 599 features a 6-liter V12 with a brilliant 661 horsepower, and it was called the most exclusive Ferrari ever made!

Somehow, Lewis got his hands on one of the 80 SA Apertas in existence, and today, this drop-top Italian stallion is worth somewhere around $1,600,000!

So let’s add that to the value of his other Ferraris, shall we? Hmmm… that’s around $5,300,000 in Ferraris alone! And he doesn’t even drive them!

Mercedes Maybach S600

Daily Mail

After disappearing from the super-luxury market for a while, Maybach reemerged as a subdivision of Mercedes, and the S600 is one of the coolest cars to be produced by the automaker since then. 

Apparently, when Lewis Hamilton doesn’t feel like driving after a long day on the F1 racetrack, he likes to be chauffeured around in his $200,000 S600

Makes sense to me, this car’s got massage seats and a back-seat refrigerator in case the champ wants to sip some celebratory champagne on the road. Is champagne vegan? 

Mercedes SLS AMG

The Car Connection

Probably most well known for its gull wing doors, the Mercedes SLS AMG is an ultra-powerful performance automotive that Lewis added to his collection back in 2014

The base model has 583 ponies under the hood, but apparently that wasn’t enough for the speed fiend F1 racer, he had an extra 59 tacked on top of his SLS AMG

Lewis has been pictured quite a bit driving this car during his day-to-day.

MINI Cooper

Classic Driver

We couldn’t make a list about Lewis Hamilton’s car collection without mentioning the first car the Formula One legend ever drove. When he first got a driver’s license back in 2002, he hopped behind the wheel of a secondhand MINI Cooper and the rest was history. 

Though the MINI’s not quite as flashy as the cars he’s got today, great things come from humble beginnings. We’re estimating the value of this car is probably around $15,000, which is pocket change compared to the rest of this list.

Shelby Cobra 427

The Gentleman Racer

As racing legend himself, you know Lewis Hamilton has to have some respect for one of the most legendary race cars of all time, the Shelby Cobra 427. He’s got so much respect, and not to mention money, that he actually has two classic 427s stashed away in his garage: a 1966 and a 1967. 

Apparently, when he bought the 1966, he had Carroll Shelby inspect it himself to guarantee it was in mint condition. When he bought the 1967, it was so he could have a classic Cobra to drive around without having to beat up his pristine 1966 model.

So there you have it, all of the dormant driving machines in Lewis Hamilton’s collection. Better break open your piggy bank because these surreal supercars and bone-crushing classics could be on the market soon! If we had to estimate the cost of Lewis’s entire collection, we’d say that it was easily eclipsing $14,000,000! That’s the kinda dough you can only drop if you’re the Billion Dollar Man!

And that good news we promised? If you’re a Lewis Hamilton fan and you heard about the legal trouble he was in for wearing a controversial t-shirt at the Tuscan GP, you’ll be happy to hear that all charges have been dropped and our guy is in the clear!

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