Lil Uzi Vert’s Anime Car Collection

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One look in Lil Uzi’s garage, and it’s clear that he’s got Money Longer than the Pan-American Highway. Uzi’s car collection is Bad and Boujee. And when I say bad, well, let’s just say he’s got some paint jobs with just a little bit Too Much Sauce.

But if we know one thing about Uzi, it’s that he Does What He Wants. Let’s Sauce It Up with some of Lil Uzi’s ridiculous whips, and the first car on this list costs a whole lot more than a New Patek! And if you’re UnFazed by that, he has a 1,000-horsepower widebody Audi! If you assumed that one of the biggest rappers in the game was driving some wild cars, You Was Right

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Bugatti Veyron – Bebop Bugatti

lil uzi vert bugatti veyron

A bit of a precursor here, Lil Uzi Vert’s got a habit of reworking his cars regularly. So, even as I write this, I can almost guarantee one of these cars will look different before you see this article. We’re going to start this list off with one of the most outrageous and controversial cars in Lil Uzi’s collection. 

From Reddit to Instagram the Cowboy Bebop Veyron is causing a major stir. The Bugatti Veyron is already an insane car, former top speed champion for production cars and king of the insane hypercar class. Big boy numbers are all the Veyron knows, a W16 engine, 10 separate radiators for cooling and 4 turbos. You don’t need much else to make a statement.

But Lil Uzi thought otherwise, and decided to put his own take on the Veyron’s look. He originally bought the car from Floyd Mayweather for a cool $1.7 million. But instead of this just keeping it stock and making it another run of the mill hypercar, Uzi Vert decided to make it a car fit for a space cowboy, as he’s wrapped the Bugatti in a full Cowboy Bebop livery.

A mix of metallic blue, red, and yellow accents definitely make the whole car pop. You know, even more than a $1.7 million hypercar can already pop. On top of that, we have a portrait of the Cowboy Bebop main character Spike Spiegel right on the hood. Subtle for sure.

No Cowboy Bebop wrap would be complete without Ein, who’s cute corgi butt adorns the sides of the Veyron, along with the show’s famous line “See you, space cowboy”. This wrap, like all of the others Lil Uzi has gotten done for his collection, was done by Car Effex, a 20-man operation out of Sewell, New Jersey.

There’s a lot to take in even with this first car, and as a fan of Cowboy Bebop myself, seeing an insanely expensive hypercar wrapped in an anime livery is the perfect kind of insane. But insane cars are what we live for here at Ideal, and as flashy and attention grabbing a Bugatti Veyron can be, we think this next car may outdo it. Lil Uzi, as we know, has a thing for fast cars and flashy custom wraps.

Widebody Turbo Audi R8 – You Thought the Veyron Was Nuts

lil uzi vert audi r8

So, what if we took an Audi R8, one of the more subtle supercars out there, and give it to a young rapper with an obsession for fancy car wraps and anime? I think we all know what comes next. Uzi Vert gave it a widebody kit, insane performance upgrades, and an outlandish anime-themed wrap.

Let’s take this one piece at a time, starting with the exterior. Starting with the body modifications, we have a custom widebody kit from Alpil, a bumper delete to fit the twin turbo kit, a huge rear wing and 22-inch staggered Forgiato wheels. And, of course, there’s the insane anime-themed wrap. Yeah, there’s a lot going on here.

The entire car is completely wrapped in a metallic pink with characters from Sword Art Online and K-ON! on the front hood and doors, respectively. Underglow and hyper-blue paint on the wheels grab so much attention, and there’s also a rally-inspired lightbar on the front grill. Not sure if we’ve ever seen one of those on an R8 before.

A Stage 2 turbo kit also adds another $60,000 to our final total. So, this thing isn’t only flashy, but it’s fast as hell, which makes sense… Lil Uzi Vert sounds a lot like “Lucifer”. The interior of the R8 is just as wild as the exterior. Lil Uzi had a starlight headliner installed with the word “Vert” down the middle, had the steering wheel chopped, and had a JL sound system thrown in, which might be the most useless mod. Who would listen to the radio when you have a twin-turbo V10 singing behind you?

Next up is a Ford F-450 with about 7,000 pounds of custom metalwork, custom mods, and military-grade defenses. The next car in Lil Uzi’s collection is maybe more of a tank.

USSV Rhino GX – Not So Lil

lil uzi ussv rhino gx
DUB Magazine

Let me explain, the USSV Rhino GX is for those times when Lil Uzi needs to carry around a crowd, or avoid one all together. This massive machine from US Specialty Vehicles is based off of the Ford F-450 chassis, which is already a monster truck itself.

USSV takes the chassis, completely overhauls it, adds bulletproof body panels, 30-inch tires, and other choice creature comforts to completely transform the supertruck. That means this is more of a street-legal tank than a truck at all. To get this monster around, you’ll have a choice of either a 6.7-liter Powerstroke V8 diesel or a 6.9-liter V10 gas engine. Each engine makes more than 400 horsepower, which is enough to at least move the Rhino. Don’t expect to set any land-speed records, though.

Gas mileage is, you know, basically one mile per gallon. Normally, you would get your Rhino finished in either Tactical Black or Military Green, but we wouldn’t have it on our list if Lil Uzi didn’t have it wrapped in something completely outlandish. A rolling tank with wipers wasn’t enough, so obviously he put an oddly appropriate Girls and Panzer wrap on it. Topped off with a pink “16” badge on the grill, which stands for “1600”,  the block in Philly that Uzi Vert represents.

I love the fact that this monster exists. There’s nothing a car guy loves more than a big toy you can use to run over just about anything, And the fact that it’s repping such an awesome anime as Girls und Panzer, well, I’d say this is $530,000 well spent! 

Moving from one insane truck to the next, the Lamborghini Urus is exactly what it sounds like.

Lamborghini Urus – Patlabor of Love

lil uzi vert lamborghini urus
DUB Magazine

The Urus is an SUV from Lamborghini, the kings of poster-ready supercars. Take that, add one new eccentric rapper, and yeah, we’re pretty sure you know where this is going. The Urus is already a marvel in itself. Lamborghini basically built a land missile that you can still drive the kids in.

Lil Uzi got his hands on one and, of course, wrapped it in a graphic paying tribute to the manga series, Disu x Komi and Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor. We know that “Lamborghini Urus”, “anime wrap”, and “tasteful” don’t exactly belong in the same sentence, but we think it may apply here. 

What is a little harder to stomach, though, is that an Urus normally will run you about $220,000. That’s just the base price, not including custom wheels, made by the brand VLONE, which run about $25,000 for a set of four. That money probably goes directly to A$AP Bari’s legal fees.

The Urus is one of the cheaper cars we’ve covered so far in Lil Uzi’s collection. Sadly, or not depending on your love for anime, the Urus is now black, like blacker than black. Vantablack.

Bentley Continental GT – Safari Bentley

bentley continental gt lil uzi
DUB Magazine

We all know that safari-fying cars has been a growing trend in the car world, and it seems like Lil Uzi has caught wind of that new trend. That’s why he took a Bentley Continental GT and added all of the off-road goodies he could. A lift kit, front roll bar, rollover cage, spare tire mounted on the rear window, a widebody kit. Need we say more?

At a starting price of just over $200,000, this isn’t a cheap feat Mr. Uzi has accomplished. The matte green luxury land yacht should have no issue getting the rapper to any backwoods venue.

Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat – The Slowest One

lil uzi dodge srt hellcat
DUb Magazine

What do you think the slowest car Lil Uzi owns is? Would it be the Rhino? How about the Lamborghini Urus? Nope, the slowest car he got is probably his SRT Hellcat! The $70,000 car is nothing to be messed with, though. Smoke and burnt rubber are kind of Dodge’s specialities.

Like other cars in his expansive collection, the Hellcat is finished in a stealthy matte green finish with black accents for added stage presence. If you think you can take Uzi in drag race, maybe wait until he’s not in a land missile finished in army green.

Bentley Bentayga Mansory – Beyond the Bentayga

lil uzi bentley bentayga

We know that any rapper loves to surround themselves with beautiful and expensive cars, and Bentley is one of the best in the business when it comes to both of those. So, if there’s a big Bentley SUV, of course our boy has to have one.

Uzi’s Bentayga gets his signature treatment with a full anime wrap. The wrap in question is inspired by Beyond the Boundary and also includes some iris-colored Blade rims. Lil Uzi doesn’t do subtle. The $160,000 SUV probably blends in perfectly fine with the rest of his garage now that I think about it.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan – Culinary Car

lil uzi rolls royce cullinan

If there’s one thing that rap artists have, it’s taste. And there’s nothing more tasteful than a $350,000 luxury SUV with a seaweed green paint job and giant chrome rims. This is what Uzi did to his Rolls-Royce Cullinan before changing the paint, now it’s a more subtle battleship grey with orange accents. And the wheels are orange too, to add just a hint of Fanta flare.

One detail that stands out is the diamond encrusted hood ornament, because the car itself wasn’t enough of a flex.

So, what’s the combined cost of all these anime-inspired whips in Lil Uzi’s collection? We’re going to put the anime train at right around $3 million! Wild!

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