Paul Walker’s INSANE $2,300,000 SECRET Stash Of Cars

Alright let’s get heavy here.

Paul Walker is pretty much the James Dean of our generation. Paul entered our lives, and our hearts when he starred in THE definitive auto enthusiast movie of the early aughts. The Fast and The Furious.

Sure it was cheesy, Sure it was over the top,but it spoke to us, and featured cars and car culture that instantly captured our tuning spirit. And he wasn’t just Brian O’Conner, undercover cop taking down street racers, he was a really stand up dude in his personal life. A philanthropist and a loving father, Paul lives on in the hearts of millions. 

And now, his automotive passion will live on in the lucky hands of a select few…

That’s right, you may have heard the news. Six years after his untimely death, his massive collection of automotive treasures just got auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson. The collection spanned twenty one cars, trucks and motorcycles that he had driven, modified and owned and the collection is as diverse and interesting as the man himself.

So what was up on the block, and how much was it all worth? You’re about to find out! 

The BMW M3s

His appearance in Fast and the Furious was no fluke, Paul Walker was a true driving enthusiast. He did a lot of his own stunt work behind the wheel, and even poured over the scripts for Fast and the Furious movies and made sure they were at least somewhat authentic. He was also humble, even with all his success he never opted for a collection of Ferraris and Exotic cars, but rather for the modest sports cars that were just fun to drive. 

So then, what says modesty, and true driving experience better than…an M3? What about…. Seven m3s? 

That’s right, the largest portion of Paul’s collection consists of not only one of the greatest driver’s cars of all time, but also the greatest examples of them. Up for auction from his collection were TWO pristine examples of the E30 M3, One…  a 1988 M3 coated in Alpine White paint, this bavarian beauty had 32,000 miles on the clock and sold for an astounding 165,000 dollars!


And another… a later model 1991 M3 in the same Alpine white paint and with an insanely low 7,600 miles! This E30 M3 was practically brand new and sold for an INSANE 220,000 dollars. 

But Paul’s pension for the ultimate driving machine didn’t stop there, his TRUE love?

The E36 M3, and not just any E36 M3, the uber rare LTW edition. The LTW stood for light weight. With these models coming in a full 220 pounds lighter than the normal M3. Of the roughly 126 LTW’s ever made, Paul had five of them in his stable. All in white, all in perfect condition and all pure german driving bliss. 

This part of the collection sold for a grand total of 1 point 2 MILLION dollars combined, They sold from a range of 220,000 dollars to 385,000 bucks. Prices seemed to basically reflect the mileage on the cars, with the most expensive having only 4,600 miles!

Wanna learn more about the LTW? Check out this video we made diving a little deeper into the car that captured Paul Walker’s heart…

Classic Chevys

When you think of Paul Walker, you probably think of that bright orange 10-second Mark IV Supra or maybe that lime green DSM. So you wouldn’t be surprised to hear he has some Japanese icons in his fleet. But what you may not know is Paul had quite the sweet spot for classic American Muscle, Or more precisely, classic Chevrolets!


Three of his chevy project cars were listed for auction, A 1963 Nova wagon, with torn up seats and faded paint went for 18,700 dollars by fellow youtubers Farmtruck and Azn.And a 1964 Chevelle Wagon in slightly better shape sold for 19,800 bucks. Two unfinished project cars that Paul and his business partner Roger Rodas were working on before their fatal accident. 

Paul also had this beautiful 1967 Chevy Nova Custom Couple built by Year One. This thing was powered by a GM 5.3 liter V8 and dressed in slate gray, and it is immaculate! The price reflects that, coming in as the most valuable 60s Chevy at 60,500 dollars.

Trucks and Bikes

Okay, not every piece in Paul’s collection was a rare or interesting sports car icon. The collection contains a number of fairly pedestrian offerings as well.

Such as the trio of trucks which include a 2003 Ford F-250 which went for 19,800 dollars.

A 2004 GMC sierra sold for 33 grand.

And a 2006 Toyota Tundra Pickup bought for an unknown price.

The stand out 4-wheeler here is the black and tan 1995 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer edition. It was in perfect condition with relatively low miles and still had the car phone in it! That beast was let go for 73,700 dollars at auction.


Paul didn’t just love going fast on four wheels. He also had an affinity for motorcycles.

A ride for any occasion, Paul’s collection included a 2005 Harley Davidson custom built by Road Dog Customs. I gotta admit, I’m not a motorcycle guy but this Harley looks RAD! Like something Captain America would ride in World War II. And it rode off into the sunset for 34,100 bucks.

Other 2 wheeled rides for sale were a 2011 BMW F800GS which sold for 11k

And a 2008 Suzuki DR-Z400SM for when he wanted to get a little more wild.

And that rip roaring Suzuki sold for only 3,800 dollars

What’s your favorite piece of the Paul Walker collection? Let us know below!

Sports Cars

Okay, the rest of the collection is by far the most diverse, and most interesting. First you have the unassuming, but Ideal Media fan favorite, black on black Audi B5 S4 that seemed like just a daily driver for Paul, driven off the block for just shy of 30 stacks.

AZ Euros

And then the VERY assuming, not street legal, fully built 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302 RACE CAR.

This was a gift to Paul from a friend right before his passing, and had never been raced, it’s PRISTINE. The 302 Race Car is a 400 plus horsepower, six speed, ready to race american muscle track BEAST. It would’ve been legendary to see Paul race this in a series like IMSA. And it might still race, since it was purchased for 95,700 bucks at the auction.

Next up, Paul’s co star in Fast Five.

The 2009 Nissan 370Z from the movie was clearly one of his favorites. The only one important enough to feature the name of his foundation, Reach Out Worldwide, on it’s tasteful livery design. Volk TE37s, Hankook Tires, Recaro Seats, OS Giken Clutch. This is a mean looking Z, and now officially the most expensive Z sold at auction for 105,000 dollary-doos!

And now the piece de resistance, A tuning car ICON. The GODZILLA.

An RB26 powered, Attessa all-wheel drive, 332 horsepower, track bred Skyline R32. Fitting of Walker’s love of driving, this was a track car through and through.

Sitting on Enkei RPF1’s hiding a set of Endless brake calipers, his R32 was so beautifully and tastefully modded with only racing in mind. The interior was just a bucket seat, a cage and a fire extinguisher.

And this apex shredding kaiju was sold for a whopping 100,000 bucks!

Well that’s it, 21 cars! All told, the collection fetched a total of 2 point 3 MILLION dollars! Which will go to benefit Paul Walker’s foundation Reach Out Worldwide. Which if you haven’t heard of, it is a fantastic organization that focuses on first response to major natural disasters.


Check them out! Do some good! 

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