Should We Be SCARED Of The New Tesla Cybertruck?

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Tesla recently announced the all new Cybertruck, and although the introduction didn’t go 100% according to plan, thousands of YouTubers and consumers alike put their money where their mouth is. Yes, all it took was a $100 dollar bill to reserve your spot for the all new Tesla truck.

The Cybertruck is set to be fast, good-looking (depending on who you ask), and it’s heavy. So, is it a safe investment? Or is this electric beast a little too much for the open road? We’re going to dig into that in this article!

Cybertruck Will Be One Of The Fastest Trucks of 2021

new 2021 tesla cybertruck

I watched the unveiling of Tesla’s newest creation, and was probably just as confused as anyone when the truck finally came out on stage. What the heck is that? I thought. The Cybertruck is terrifying to look at. But, the scariest part: this metal monstrosity goes 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds, and will likely weigh over 3 tons! That’s a big piece of metal hurtling down the road a bit faster than it should be.

Sure, we already have trucks today that have a ton of horsepower, like the Shelby F-150 Super Snake Sport, unleashing a venomous 755 horsepower. The Super Snake weighs 5,500 pounds and will go 0 to 60 in 3.45 seconds, which is extremely fast, especially for a truck. And it’s going to handle like a truck! That kind of acceleration coupled with the awkward driving characteristics of a truck is a recipe for disaster. Luckily, Shelby Super Snakes are limited edition, with about 750 being sold every year. So, you’re not that likely to be run over by one…

But the Cybertruck, well, in less than a week they had a quarter of a million trucks reserved. So, we’re about to have these things rocketing around our city streets by the boat load. And worse yet, 41% of those reservations were for the fastest Cybertruck. The tri-motor edition Cybertruck, starting at $69,900, is going to rip from 0 to 60 in just 2.9 seconds. A 3-ton piece of stainless steel that’s as fast as the new mid-engine Corvette! 

Cybertruck Versus F-150

tesla cybertruck tug of war versus ford f150

And the Cybertruck has been classified a 2B-3 Medium Duty Vehicle versus the Ford F-150, which is a Class 2A Light Duty Vehicle. That means that tug-o-war between the Cybertruck and F-150 was complete bull. It was like a middleweight versus a lightweight boxer, not fair at all! Although we don’t know exactly how much the Cybertruck weighs, given its classification and the fact that the Model X is already 5,300 pounds, its not crazy to think the new Tesla truck will be far heavier considering it’ll have the stainless steel body, bulletproof windows, and all the normal Tesla future tech

Luckily, with the lower center of gravity due to the battery mass sitting below the wheel hubs, the Cybertruck is less likely to roll over than regular trucks. And with fully independent adjustable air suspension, it’ll likely outhandle pretty much everything on the road with a truck bed. Plus, with Tesla’s regenerative braking, the chances it suffers from brake fade are essentially out the door.

But still, it’s going to be a 6,000ish-pound rig that can beat most supercars today in a drag race! And the fact that 4 out of 10 people will have the fastest model definitely scares me because at least 5 out of 10 people don’t know how to drive normal cars, let alone a supercar block of steel.

Should We Be Afraid?

elon musk and jay leno inspecting the new 2021 tesla cybertruck

The top four vehicles traded in for the Model 3? Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Toyota Prius, and Nissan Leaf. I bet the top four vehicles traded in for the 800-plus-horsepower Cybertruck will probably be the Honda Ridgeline, Toyota Tacoma, Ford F-150, and maybe the Nissan Frontier. This is not the kind of performance these drivers are used to, and I can almost guarantee there’s going to be some gnarly accidents. You can be sure a 6,000-pound steel cube is going to win in any accident it gets in.

Does it bother you this mass-produced truck is going to have this type of performance from a safety standpoint? Personally, I think it’s badass, and I love Elon’s tenacity and relentless push towards EV adoption, but I just worry that a lot of unskilled drivers are going to get behind the wheel of this truck and pay the consequences… 

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