Supercars That Are PLUMMETING in Value

2020 aston martin db11

Everybody wants a supercar, especially those of us that grew up lusting after the wildest Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and McLarens. The game has changed though, and the latest era of supercars is very different from what we’re used to. Mostly gone are the screaming naturally-aspirated V12’s, and they’ve been replaced with smaller displacement eight- and six-cylinder engines, some with hybrid power. 

Performance is still the name of the game, and the current crop can outperform their predecessors in just about every way. One thing hasn’t changed though: value. While the depreciation valley on supercars is still a very real thing, there are some supercars you should wait for, because they’re going to plummet in value soon. 

The “depreciation valley” is an interesting concept. Yes, you can make money driving a supercar! Let me show you exactly how. Let’s say you bought a 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo brand new for $220,000. This means that the car will start high, and its value will just about immediately fall off a cliff. 

After sitting at the bottom of the depreciation curve for a while, as they become desirable because build numbers are low and fewer examples remain, some cars start to slowly creep up into valuable territory again. 

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about, let’s get into some of the supercars we think will absolutely tank in coming years.

Mercedes-AMG GT

2017 mercedes amg gt
Sunday Times Driving

The Mercedes-AMG GT is the replacement for the gull wing-doored SLS AMG, and has been on sale since 2016, spawning  a bunch of models. From the entry-level AMG GT to the track-annihilating AMG GT R, and a few in between, it’s the brand’s flagship coupe with that gets a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8. 

That engine puts out anywhere from 429 to 630 horsepower, depending on the model, and with that gorgeous grand tourer styling. Like other AMG performance models, the GT in both coupe and roadster forms drives very well, and sings one hell of a sonata out the two big holes in the back. 

In the world of high powered supercars, they’re also sort of reliable, and they can be daily driven year round in most cases. 

The AMG-GT has already fallen off a cliff in terms of depreciation, with decent examples online for half of what the original MSRP was. A well-kept AMG GT or GT S can be had in the $75,000 range without looking too hard, and exceptionally minty ones can be had for well under $100,000. Yes, that’s not cheap, but when you consider these went for $160,000 new, they’re kind of a bargain now! Okay, maybe not a bargain, but if you can spend the money, it’s still way cheaper than a brand new one.

That said, these haven’t finished dropping yet. So, it might not be the perfect time to buy. They’re still in production virtually unchanged, and Mercedes has made enough of them to not be that rare. The AMG GT is still excellent value and not a boring car by any means. It’s not just a legit choice, it’s a smart one.

Now, it might be a supercar, but it’s still a Mercedes, which is kind of a pedestrian brand if you ask me, especially when compared to something associated with elegance, style, and James Bond. Aston Martin’s DB11 has a license to kill you with its horrifying depreciation.

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Aston Martin DB11 

2019 aston martin db11
Car and Driver

Next up is the Aston Martin DB11. If automatic examples of the DB9 and Vantage produced between 2004 and 2015 are any indication, these are about to become downright affordable. 

The DB11 came with either a V8 or V10, but the key here is that no manual transmission is available. That’s right, Aston Martin’s not trying to save the manuals like we are. There’s a number of cars that will bottom out at a relatively high number, as manuals slowly start vanishing, but “standard-issue” supercars with boring old automatics will suffer here. 

The DB11 came about in 2017, and leaves ear drums shaken and stirred with 503 to 630 horsepower lumbering out of either the 4.0-liter V8 or the 5.2-liter V12. It has that insane Aston Martin styling, and sings an incredible soundtrack out of that high performance exhaust

While the DB11 can push the $300,000 mark new when loaded up, we were able to find a few examples in the low $100,000 range, and even a sub-2,000 mile model at just $103,000. And they’re not done dropping yet, just watch out over the next few years as the DB11 continues to tank. 

Maybe an Aston Martin isn’t for you, and you’re looking to fly under the radar while killing it on the racetrack. Then your choice is none other than the infamous Godzilla.

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Nissan GT-R

2018 nissan gt-r

The Nissan GT-R is another example of excellent depreciation, and as values drop, the tuner crowd will find more and more ways to fire these things up more and more. 

With a sticker cost deep into the $100,000 market right now, Godzilla has now been around for over a decade! Though it has seen a number of significant updates over the years, the reality is that it’s now an old car! Just $40,000 to $50,000 will buy a decent example. And get this: it’s pretty much the same damn car! 

Nissan’s insane twin-turbocharged V6 is prone to immense amounts of turbo lag, but there’s so much of an aftermarket for these cars that it’s easy to get close to the 1,000 horsepower mark. That’s right, 1,000 horsepower!

The GT-R just happens to be one of the cars that’s most reactive to tuning and modifications. And while this makes it desirable for enthusiasts, the “stick with stock” purists are out of luck, because they just don’t hold their value! 

If you’re not the kind of driver that attacks the track every weekend, and cares more about the sound and emotion than raw performance, the next car is probably the perfect one for you. A modern British icon that really does attract positive attention.

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Jaguar F-Type

2018 jaguar f-type
Auto Express

Next up is the Jaguar F-Type. The F-Type is a thing of total beauty, and even though a new one was just released, it’s essentially a glorified facelift of the model that they sold in 2013. This isn’t a bad thing because, man, these things look incredible. With beautifully sculpted lines from iconic designer Ian Callum, the F-Type looks like it costs four times what it actually does. 

The supercharged engine options are different than most other cars on the market, too. They’re blown V6 and V8 engines, all the way up to the fire-breathing SVR with 575 horsepower. Not only does it look the part, this Jag sounds like the spawn of Satan, with an exhaust note that can send chills down your spine. The exhaust sounds like a symphony of gunshots, which is something else that we expect from a much more expensive car. 

The F-Type can get fairly pricey new, starting just under the $100,000 mark well-equipped. However, if you’re shopping in the used market, you’re in luck. Like just about every other Jaguar out there, depreciation has not been kind to the F-Type. Early examples are already dropping below the $30,000 mark, and if you look hard enough, you can even find supercharged V6 models with the slick ZF six-speed manual in that price range. 

Yeah, that’s right, a modern British roadster with a wicked exhaust note, supercharged engine, and manual transmission.  

But maybe fuel-thirsty supercharged engines aren’t your thing. If you’re the kind of person who prefers something with a sharp interior and the most modern aesthetic look possible, perhaps this billionaire-doored green supercar from BMW is up your alley.

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BMW i8

bmw i8

Calling BMW’s i8 a supercar is a stretch, but it does look the part. The i8 came out in 2014 and is one of those cars that attracts attention everywhere it goes. Maybe it’s the outer space looks, the laser LED lights, or the BMW badge. Something about this car makes even non-car people stare. 

Oh yeah, that’s right, it has doors that open upwards, the doors of a billionaire. There’s something about rolling up to a bumpin’ patio party on a cool summer night, and opening your car doors upwards. Yes, everyone will look, and this is a car that everyone will want to talk about too. 

The i8 doesn’t have a crazy V8 or V12, it actually has a three-cylinder scooter engine that’s paired up to an electric motor. This is a plug-in hybrid, and while it drives pretty well, it’s no more dramatic or wild to drive than a 4 Series. It’s also a car that will quickly shut Tesla evangelists up! 

The i8 is available in both coupe and roadster body styles, and the plug-in hybrid system means it can do up to 20 miles on just electric power. The problem is that even the current plug-in hybrid Prius can do four times that much. 

The i8 isn’t just depreciating because it was expensive when new, about $150,000, but it’s falling victim to this curve because it’s the prime example of early technology going obsolete over time. The BMW i8 may be a supercar, but it’s easier to understand if you think of it like an iPhone. Your iPhone 5 was way cool and expensive when it was new, but as technology got better and better, you started seeing the weaknesses, and wouldn’t spend big money to have it today. 

Let’s take a visit back to Great Britain, where some of the most memorable cars of all time are born. Bentley has been no stranger to depreciation, and the Continental GT is one of the most timeless cars around.

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Bentley Continental GT

2013 bentley continental gt

Bentley’s Continental GT has been around in various different forms since the mid-2000’s, and it’s a real stunner. This is a big, brawny cruiser that has the flex-power of Kendrick Lamar, and has looks flashy enough for countless celebrity garages. The Continental GT comes with V8 and V12 engines, both boosted, and now shares a ton of its componentry with the latest from Audi.

While new ones can easily go over the $200,000 mark, early examples from over a decade ago are seeing the bottom of the barrel right now, transacting at under $20,000 in some cases. That’s 10% of its original value for a twin-turbocharged V12 monster with a Flying B on the hood!

Newer Continental GT’s are a lot better than they used to be, and are said to be more reliable too. But again, as tech moves further, these things aren’t really holding their value. While used prices are dropping fast, what these cars will continue to offer is an element of style that few other cars today offer. 

The Continental takes advantage of that classic, traditional aesthetic, and goes after a very specific clientele. If you’re an aspiring rapper, or even a young professional, you really won’t be out of place in a Continental GT. 

Depreciation can be a wonderful thing if you know what you’re getting into, but it’s important to be smart about it. Most cars with semi-exotic or exotic badges have a value floor that they typically won’t go below. You’re not likely to see a Ferrari or Aston Martin at $10,000 unless it has a significant amount of damage.

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Watch Out!

While the idea of getting into what was once a six-figure luxury or supercar at a fraction of that might be exciting, it’s important to do your research. YouTube has a wealth of information, with typical issues outlined clearly, and even how-tos on how to fix your car when it does inevitably break. 

If you have the money and want to get into a slick supercar, these cars are just the tip of the iceberg of what’s out there, right in your budget.

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