Molten lava brakes, NASA level G-forces, budgets in the hundreds of millions. Formula One is hands down the most insane motorsport on the planet. It’s where the world’s biggest manufacturers, the most dedicated teams, and the most brazen drivers compete. No other racing series can even compare. When you compete at this level, the bar is constantly raised, boundaries are always pushed, and that’s when things get interesting and downright weird. So, in honor of the Formula One season, let’s dive in on some of the wild facts about Formula One you probably aren’t aware of! And hey, even if you’re not Formula One fan, anyone with a heart for fast cars and future tech will find something to love here!

6-time Formula One World Champion and owner of one of the craziest collections of production cars on Earth, Lewis Hamilton, says he’s giving up the reins to all those petrol-sippin' engines because he wants to lessen his carbon footprint, and will only be driving his all-electric Mercedes EQC from now on! We’re going take a look at the insane... and currently inactive collection Lewis Hamilton has locked away in his two garages out in Monaco and LA. If you feel a bit heartbroken by the end of this article, don’t worry, we’ve got some news that might cheer you up in the end.