Almost everyone these days has Venmo, except for your one annoying friend who insists that you use Cash App, but almost no one ever pays any fees to use it. So how does Venmo make money?

You can either drag a bag of your clothes down to the consignment shop and let them get sold there or list your own clothes on eBay and hope that some buyer snaps them up. But which is the better option for you?

That’s right. These days, you can make money right from that iPhone in your pocket with one of these 7 awesome apps I’m going to tell you about.

This article might just save your ass from getting caught up in one of these evil internet scams, and could save you a whole lot of cash and a whole lot of heartbreak. 

Oh, so you’re a big Tesla guy, huh? Think you know everything there is to know about Elon Musk, Cybertruck, the Tesla Semi, and the upcoming Tesla Roadster? Well, maybe you do, but we’re going to put that to the test with these 7 incredible facts about Tesla. And you’ve probably never heard at least 2 before. For all you Tesla-heads out there, we’re about to drop some knowledge on you. So, strap in, listen up, and enjoy the ride. Here are 7 facts about Tesla you didn’t know!