You my friend, you’re into something a bit more nimble, a bit more intelligent, you want to build yourself a fast four-cylinder! Well, good news, Ideal fam, I'm here to show you 10 of the craziest, most desirable, and most buildable four-bangers ever!

Some like the antilag, others like the easy horsepower, and I think we can all agree, we do a double take anytime we see an OG Godzilla cruising down the street. This once forbidden fruit became legal in the US a few years ago, and at that time, you could find decent examples in the low $20,000 range. It’s safe to say this twin-turbo rocket is one of the greatest Japanese sports cars of all time! And by now, you probably know that the team here at Ideal are big fans just like you! So, in this article, I want to dig into why they're so popular, what are some buyer's mistakes I’ve seen are, and key things to look for when searching for your ideal GT-R!

Molten lava brakes, NASA level G-forces, budgets in the hundreds of millions. Formula One is hands down the most insane motorsport on the planet. It’s where the world’s biggest manufacturers, the most dedicated teams, and the most brazen drivers compete. No other racing series can even compare. When you compete at this level, the bar is constantly raised, boundaries are always pushed, and that’s when things get interesting and downright weird. So, in honor of the Formula One season, let’s dive in on some of the wild facts about Formula One you probably aren’t aware of! And hey, even if you’re not Formula One fan, anyone with a heart for fast cars and future tech will find something to love here!

That isn’t just any Ferrari F40 burning to the ground... that’s a piece of Ferrari history! Yeah, it’s the extremely rare F40 prototype that was unveiled at the 1987 Frankfurt Autoshow. And only 8 were ever made! This isn’t the first one to go up in flames either. It seems they’re becoming a true endangered species! And someone buy that guy with the garden hose a drink, he’s now a patron saint of the car community! So, why is this such a sad day for automotive history? And what makes the F40 so special?