The 7 Best Watches for Men Under $200

best mens watches

There’s no better accessory for men than a watch. Even if you’re working the late shift at Waffle House, if you wear a watch, everyone’s going to assume you’re making good money and have your life completely together. And while men’s watches do tend to be on the more expensive side, there are definitely some timepieces out there that are well-made, look classy, and won’t cost your entire paycheck. 

Do you know what the best part is? If anyone asks you how much you paid for your watch, you don’t have to tell them that you paid under $200 for it! They might just assume that it cost you several thousand dollars and that you have a Mercedes-Benz parked out in the lot. So, if you want an accessory that’s going to tie your look together and make you appear classy without having to spend tons of money, here are the 7 best watches for men that cost under $200: 

Nokia Activity & Sleep

nokia activity and sleep watch

When it comes to watches that are going to make you look wealthy, Nokia isn’t usually the first name that comes to mind. However, the Nokia Activity & Sleep Watch has a sleek and classy look that makes this timepiece appear a whole lot more expensive than it really is. It’s simple, understated, and will match any outfit. Good looks aren’t the only thing the Nokia Activity & Sleep has going for it, though. 

As you may have assumed from the name, the Nokia Activity & Sleep is meant to lead you towards a healthier lifestyle with its smartphone-compatible activity and sleep tracking capabilities. Just sync up the watch with your phone and you can track how many miles you’ve moved each day, how many calories you’ve burned, how many hours you’ve slept, and your heart rate. The Nokia Activity & Sleep also has a silent alarm clock feature and even Smart Wake-Up, which is designed to wake you up at the optimal time so that you can feel your best every day. 

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Timex Norway

timex norway watch

If you want something that isn’t too flashy but still makes you look like you may have rolled up to the function in a Rolls-Royce, all for around $100, then you should probably go with the Timex Norway. This watch doesn’t play any games. It’s black and white, simple, clean, and classy. While bigger and shinier watches might send the message that you’re trying to overcompensate for something, the Timex Norway lets the world know that you’re cool and confident. 

The Timex Norway is water-resistant up to 100 feet, so you can’t really take it swimming or diving. Plus, you probably don’t want to ruin that genuine leather strap by getting it wet. This watch wasn’t made for scuba diving, though; it was made to be paired with that nice suit you save for important business meetings. 

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Seiko SNE102 Solar

seiko sne102 watch

The Seiko SNE102 Solar is the perfect watch for anyone who has to look nice for their swanky job in a New York City skyrise and then wants to dress down in a golf shirt and khaki shorts on the weekends. The nice-looking bezel and fine brown leather make the Seiko SNE102 look right at home on your wrist whether you’re signing an important document or opening a beer in the backyard. 

The Seiko SNE102 Solar is extremely durable due to its stainless steel case and it’s also water-resistant up to 330 feet, which means you can take it swimming and snorkeling but not scuba diving. And unlike a lot of watches out there, the Seiko SNE102 Solar will even tell you the date. 

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Citizen Eco-Drive

citizen eco drive watch military

Citizen has been producing great watches since 1918, so it’s no surprise that they’ve still got some high-quality, and extremely affordable, watches on the market. If you consider yourself an outdoorsman, then you should seriously consider having a Citizen Eco-Drive on your wrist.

The Citizen Eco-Drive was designed with the military in mind. It’s extremely resilient, it’s water-resistant up to 330 feet, it features a green canvas wristband that will probably last until the end of time, and it shows 24-hour time as well as 12-hour time. This is the perfect accessory to wear to work and then take to the wilderness for some hiking or climbing. 

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Original Grain Modern Minimal

If you want a watch that’s going to show people that you’re a bit different from the crowd, check out the Original Grain Modern Minimal. How many people out have watches made out of real ebony wood? These watches are completely handcrafted and offer a unique and stylish aesthetic that pairs nicely with every suit.  You could get a metallic watch like everyone else out there, or you could go your own way and get the Original Grain Modern Minimal. 

The Original Grain Modern Minimal will make you feel good about how you look, but it will also make you feel good about your carbon footprint. All of the wood used in their watches is sustainably sourced, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Plus, for each watch sold, they plant a tree through their charity foundation Trees For The Future. So, while you’re wearing your new Original Grain Modern Minimal, you can think about the fact that there’s a tree out there that you helped plant. 

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Fossil Commuter

fossil commuter watch

Fossil has been one of the most well-respected names in watchmaking since they opened their doors in 1984, and they’re still making quality products today. The Fossil Commuter is made of the finest materials and will make you look like you spend your summers doing safari tours in the plains of Africa. Between the adventurous-looking aesthetic of the brown leather band, the durable metal bezel, and the awesome case that it comes in, this watch will make you feel more interesting and spontaneous the minute it touches your wrist. 

The Fossil Commuter also looks right at home with any formal outfit. You can also take your watch into a local Fossil store and have it engraved with whatever phrase you want for no charge whatsoever. 

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suunto core watch

If you’re a fan of the outdoors and adventure sports like hiking, climbing, kayaking, or swimming, then the SUUNTO Core is the watch for you. This watch is outfitted with a ton of useful features like a storm alarm, altimeter, and barometer to make sure that you navigate with wilderness with expert precision. It can also tell you the temperature, tell you what direction you’re going in with its built-in compass, and even tell you underwater depth accurately up to 30 feet. 

The SUUNTO Core is renowned among outdoorsmen for its durability and comfort. Seriously, this watch will last you your entire life as long as you don’t lose it. Plus, it will help you live longer by giving you accurate statistics about your daily activity and sleep patterns. Having a SUUNTO Core is the first step towards leading a healthier and more natural lifestyle. 

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