The BEST Amazon Car Gadget Gifts for 2021

aromatherapy turntable

Let’s cut to the chase: these are 7 awesome gifts that any car person will love and they’re all available on Amazon. If you like something, feel free to click the links!

Let’s just start with a gift that you can’t go wrong with, no matter what the age of the recipient is or what the occasion is. 

Hot Wheels – Making Car Noises With Your Mouth Forever

hot wheels gift pack

The timeless, greatest stocking stuffers in existence: Hot Wheels. It’s true; everyone loves getting a model of a car they own. Diecast is cool and Lego is even cooler but, honestly, for the price, I’d stick with the best car toys on the market, Hot Wheels. 

If you’re shopping for Brad, there are a whole host of R8s and Porsche 996s, which I’m surprised they bothered making a model of. Or find something that everyone loves. For instance, if you were buying a gift for Squidd, the AE86 is perfect. Let me know what kind of hot wheels you would love to get or let me know if you think I’m wrong and you think Hot Wheels are only for kids. Let’s start some holiday arguments in the comments. 

If you do have someone that has lost any semblance of childhood joy in your life, first, 90s movie rules dictate that you have to help them find it. But, in the meantime, if they’re into quarter-mile racing, help them win with a reaction timer.

Find your Hot Wheels on Amazon!

Handheld Drag Racing Trainer – No Wammy, No Wammy, Go!

It’s a little mini light tree, and you practice hitting the “gas” in that sweet spot when the last amber lights, but before the green flash. The idea is that you train yourself to understand the timing of the blah blah blah. Hit the button and feel good because you are getting better at living life a quarter-mile at a time. It’s your classic portable Skinner box. There’s one for the nerds out there. 

Honestly, you don’t even need to want to race to have fun with these things. What you do is get your friends together and challenge each other. Worst time buys lunch. Speaking of lunch, am I the only one that always starts looking at cooking stuff when I browse Amazon? Usually, I’m in the grilling or barbequing department, which is how I stumbled on the coolest portable grill ever.

Find your handheld drag racing tree on Amazon!

Coolest Portable Grill Ever – All the Tailgate Parties

portable folding charcoal grill

So, get this: the entire grill folds up into a little suitcase, and all your standard grilling tools sit in the same case. Most of the time, if you’re doing a grill party at the stadium or up in the hills, you have to get creative so the grill doesn’t mess up your interior. Or you need an entire truck bed just to haul it. With this little case, your battle Miata can finally be the life of the party because you brought the grill.

Or, rather, your buddy with the Miata brought the grill you bought them. Since, you know, this is supposed to be about gifts for the car enthusiast in your life. I guess that doesn’t rule out giving it to yourself, unless you have a van to live in that has an entire kitchen and a ton of outdoorsman overlander odor. Well, then, get rid of the funk with a funky fragrance turntable.  

Find your portable folding grill on Amazon!

Aromatherapy Turntable – Spin Your Stink Away

It’s a totally silly thing. It looks like a little DJ station or tiny record player and it uses vinyl discs packed with scents to freshen up your ride. Plus, the records actually spin as you drive, so it’s like functional art. If you didn’t know, vinyl records are like big CDs that had music engraved on them, and a turntable is what played the records. And, if you didn’t know, a CD is like a super low capacity micro SD card that that’s the size of a donut. I feel old as shit. 

Anyway, this is a really fun, cheap gift. It looks cool, and it’s the perfect thing to give to your friend who leaves French fries rotting under his seat without insulting them. There are a handful of different scents, some are kind of hard to describe since they name them after hip-hop or rhythm albums. You’ve got “Earth” and “Mustache Party.” I’m pretty partial to the New York City smell, which, fortunately, is kind of a pleasant spice and not actually like the smell of New York City. 

Not everyone appreciates silly gifts, though. So. for the “everything must be practical” person in your life, there are finger flashlights!

Find your aromatherapy turntable on Amazon!

Flashlight Fingers – See the 10MM You Dropped

led fliashlight gloves

These things rule. If you’ve ever had to work in a dark engine bay or just do general things at night, you know what a pain it can be to try and find a bolt or, worse, try to reach into a tight spot between the plastic cover and the hot exhaust manifold to grab a fallen tool. You can’t see a single thing because your fat hands take up the entire space and block out the light, so you end up burning the crap out of your knuckles. Yeah, ask me how I know. 

Finger flashlights solve that problem. They’re tight gloves with flashlights in them, so you can point light at stuff. Not much to say, but they rule. Buy a pair for your dad. Trust me. 

Now, if you need a gift to give someone that has a bit more value, you know, because we live in a consumerist society still despite Dr. Suess’s warnings with a new Grinch remake every decade, then get one of the best road trip gadgets ever invented: a Yeti cooler.

Find your LED flashlight gloves on Amazon!

Yeti Cooler – The Drinks You Need

yeti hopper cooler

Disclaimer: I hate that I love these so much. They just feel like a totally evil company. And, when you see the price, you might need someone to help you recover from the shock. But nothing compares. You stick your drink in the bag with a single ice cube, drive from Seattle to San Francisco, and you’ll still have to wait a few minutes for your monster to warm up before you can slam it.

All their coolers are just awesome. But, if you’re buying one for a car enthusiast, the Hopper takes the cake. It’s just big enough for you and a friend to stash some drinks and a couple of Cliff bars. And it fits perfectly in front of the rear seats on the hump, which means it’s in grabbing distance as you drive. If your friend doesn’t have rear seats, well, get the one with soft sides so it just fits under the seat. Yeah, it’s expensive. But how else will you show people that you love them?

With some sick swag that helps support an awesome channel? Oh yeah! You should totally do that. 

Find your Yeti cooler on Amazon!

Ideal Sweatshirt – The Ideal Gift

ideal media sweatshirt

This little self-plug is our honorable mention of the day. We have a great shop. We have “Save the Manuals” shirts and “Save the Pistons” shirts because we know how much you guys love electric cars. Since it’s getting cold, get an awesome sweatshirt. Or, if you just need to give someone some cheap gifts, everybody loves stickers to slap on stuff. 

Buying Ideal merch keeps us on the air. And people will be like, “Hey, I like that channel,” when they see you on the street. Plus, in my opinion, they look totally awesome.

Alright, if the honorable mention is over, that means it’s time for the last item on the list. It’s a special item, it’s a gift for the angriest person in your life or the person that loves to troll the absolute hell out of others. It’s one of those perfect gifts. Everyone kind of wants one but no one would risk losing dignity by buying it for themselves. It’s a light-up middle finger for the rear window! 

Find your Ideal sweatshirt here! 

The Finger – Let Them Know

flik the finger light

We just did a whole video on Amazon lights. And, if there’s one thing we learned, it’s that we friggin’ love lights. LEDs have revolutionized expression, and the middle finger is a very, very strong expression. Word of caution: be responsible with it. Don’t give it to your buddy that will piss off a yahoo with a vendetta. Give it to your laid-back friend that knows how to take a joke or to the drifter in your life that loves to piss off the competition. Or the influencer that needs likes on Instagram

I guess it does more than just flip people off. You could use it to wave and say hi. But why? The ad explicitly says that the right to flip people off is in the constitution. They also claim that it increases communication and encourages better driving. So, they’re full of shit, it’s for pissing people off. Toss one to your friend and let the hilarity ensue. 

Get your Flik light on Amazon!

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