The Brands With the MOST Horsepower in 2020

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Ever wonder which brands are putting out the most horsepower? Of course, we all know what the most powerful cars on the planet are: your Bugattis, your Koenigseggs, etc. But we took the horsepower of every vehicle in every brands 2020 lineups, and added them up! Vans and semis excluded of course…

And after a whole lot of math that made my head spin, we figured out which brands put out the most power in 2020. So, hold onto your seats, because these are the brands with the most horsepower in 2020 in order of least to greatest!


maserati ghibli
Car and Driver

Total Horsepower: 1,114

Now I know what you’re thinking, did Maserati drop the ball on horsepower in 2020? And the answer is… no, not really… The reason they’re at the bottom of this list is that they only put out three production models in 2020. The Ghibli, the Levante, and the Quattroporte. And in truth, all three have solid horsepower, even if they do get outshined by some of their luxury competitors.


mazda 2020
Car and Driver

Total Horsepower: 1,302

Mazda didn’t roll out a ton of models in 2020, only seven. But in the whole lineup, they only had one car that cracked 200 horsepower, the CX-9. I don’t want to rag on Mazda too much, because you know how much I love the Miata, but Mazda’s had some pretty pitiful horsepower in the year 2020.


dodge 2020
Car and Driver

Total Horsepower: 1,346

Dodge has been a name associated with affordable American muscle for generations, and that legacy seems to have continued into 2020. The 2020 Durango was a powerful pickup with 293 horses under the hood, and the Charger and Challenger both delivered as always. For this list, we only looked as base trims, but if you consider that the Challenger SRT Hellcat can put out 807 horsepower, and the Challenger Demon has 840, Dodge is still building some seriously mean machines.


subaru 2020

Total Horsepower: 1,426

Subaru makes cars for the crunchy, intellectual type. So, it’s no surprise that their offerings in 2020 didn’t have the most impressive power numbers. Subarus aren’t built to jump from 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds. They’re built to be reliable, fuel-efficient, and solid off-road. And in all those areas, 2020 Subarus were pretty good across the board.


infiniti 2020
Guide Auto

Total Horsepower: 1,563

No, unfortunately Infiniti’s total horsepower in 2020 was not… uh, infinity. However, it was pretty solid considering they had only five vehicles on this year’s lineup. The weakest vehicle they put out this year was the QX50 with 268 horsepower, and that is a seriously sporty SUV. If you want bigger and badder you can upgrade to the 400-horsepower QX80 with a towing capacity of 8,500 pounds. No, this brand’s power is not infinite, but I certainly wouldn’t say they had a wimpy lineup in 2020.


jaguar 2020
Car Magazine

Total Horsepower: 1,677

We all know that Jaguar makes some pretty sweet luxury vehicles, and they’ve also been getting into the EV game with the I-Pace, which is an awesome electric SUV packing 394 horses in those batteries. But apart from the I-Pace, all of Jaguar’s other offerings were right under 250 horsepower, with the exception of the F-Type, a coupe that’s got some serious style and 296 horsepower.


tesla roadster 2020

Total Horsepower: 1,679

In terms of car brands that made the most headlines in 2020, I’d probably put Tesla right at the top of that list. However, due to the fact that they only currently offer four models, they’ve fallen down this list quite a bit. Maybe the Roadster will boost their horsepower numbers if it ever actually comes out. Apparently, the thing is going to have a SpaceX rocket thruster behind the rear license plate. Now that’s what I call power.

Alfa Romeo

alfa romeo 2020

Total Horsepower: 1,807

Alfa Romeo is quintessentially Italian in the way that it seems like they’re more about appearances than actual power. But that being said, they did have two cars on their lineup in 2020, the Giulia Quadrifolgio and the Stelvio Quadrifoglio, that both crank out 505 ponies. And what’s nice about Alfa Romeo is that their older models are usually fairly affordable, So, you can get that Italian style, and some pretty impressive power, for cheap!


acura nsx 2020

Total Horsepower: 1,852

While Honda’s 2020 lineup was really nothing to talk about in terms of horsepower, their luxury division Acura put up some pretty good numbers this year. Namely, the life-size Hot Wheels car, the NSX, is an absolute gem. This car has serious supercar style and is super quick with that 3.5-liter V6 that blasts out 573 horsepower. This low-sitting legend has put Acura on the map in the world of supercars, and it’s definitely one of the coolest offerings in 2020. 


gmc 2020

Total Horsepower: 1,978

If you’re looking for a powerful truck to traverse the toughest terrains on the planet, the GMC dealership should be your next stop. With some badass pickups like the Yukon and the Sierra 3500, there are some 2020 GMCs with some impressive power. However, they’ll probably have you running back and forth from the mechanics, because GMCs are notoriously unreliable.


lexus 2020
J.D. Power

Total Horsepower: 2,699

We all love Lexus. There’s a reason Squidd never stops talking about his GX470. Their 2020 offerings were luxurious, reliable, and pretty powerful. The LX in particular is a boat-sized SUV that drives like a sports car with 5.7-liter V8 pumping out an impressive 383 horses. This thing will take you off-road and right back to the office with incredible quickness and a ride that’s oh-so-smooth!

Aston Martin

aston martin 2020

Total Horsepower: 2,858

Of course, Aston Martin put out some incredibly powerful cars, and it honestly hurt our souls not to put them higher on this list. But once again we’re talking total horsepower, and Aston martin only had five cars on their 2020 lineup. But we’ve got to acknowledge that the DBS Superleggera is a straight-up beast. It sits low, looks mean, and pumps 715 horses out of a freakin’ V12. Keep doing your thing Aston Martin…


porsche 2020
Guide Auto

Total Horsepower: 2,868

Porsche undoubtedly makes some of the most fun cars to drive. And their horsepower numbers are pretty impressive without even considering the fact that most of their sportier models are light as a feather. I’m talking about the Taycan with 562 horsepower, the weightless 718 Cayman, and of course, the absolutely classic 911 that got 379 horses in 2020. It’s pretty understandable that Porsche has grown such a cult following. 


mercedes benz 2020

Total Horsepower: 3,386

Mercedes has a class for anyone’s needs. And one thing they all had in common in 2020: impressive horsepower. Want a tank-like SUV with some pep in its step and gut-wrenching power under the hood? Then take a look at that 2020 G Wagon with 416 horsepower emanating from a 4-liter V8. Or you could go super sporty with a 2020 GT-Class putting out 469. But if you’re joining team Mercedes, don’t get all stuck-up on us. Mercedes drivers are kind of known for that…


nissan 2020
Road & Track

Total Horsepower: 3,401

For the most part, Nissan’s 2020 lineup didn’t wow us whatsoever. The Versa is just about the most bland car you can buy, the LEAF is just not even close to the top of the EV market, and the Kicks is a grave injustice to the “Sport” in Sport Utility Vehicle. The GT-R, on the other hand, might be Nissan’s redeemer, with 565 horsepower, this classic drifter is an absolute blast to drive.


toyota 2020
Car and Driver

Total Horsepower: 4,066

Toyota got up so high on this list because they had a huge lineup in 2020. And naturally, if you’re the largest carmaker in the world, you’re going to have some duds and some gems. The Toyota Yaris is still as awful as its always been with 106 horsepower. No idea why they keep continuing that model. The Land Cruiser is still one of their best offerings with 381 horsepower and a ton of internal space. Toyota also put out some impressive big boys in 2020 like the full-size SUV Sequoia and Tundra pickup, both with 381 horsepower.


ford mustang 2020
Guide Auto

Total Horsepower: 4,559

Ford’s been pumping out big V8s since the 30’s with the Model 18, but it seems they may have lost their way, because there are some rather wimpy cars coming out of their factories. Like the EcoSport with just 123 horsepower… But they did redeem themselves a little with some badass trucks like the F-450 with 475 horsepower and the Raptor with 450. And, of course, how could we not mention the Mustang Shelby GT500? That classic bad boy got a whopping 760 ponies in 2020.


chevrolet 2020
Car and Driver

Total Horsepower: 4,836

It blows my mind that Chevy can put out a car as powerful and fun as the Camaro ZL1, which got 650 horsepower in 2020, and then turn around and build something as unbelievably boring as the Chevy Trax, or something as painfully weak as the Chevy Spark. A car with under 100 horsepower in 2020?!?! That’s record-setting levels of wimpy. The ZL1 must be embarrassed to share the same badge. 


ferrari sf90 stadale 2020
Car and Driver

Total Horsepower: 5,098

As always, the boys over at Ferrari put out some seriously incredible sports cars this year. The cream of the crop in their 2020 lineup was the SF90 Stradale, which combines the power of a big V8 with three electric motors, giving a combined output just 14 shy of 1,000 horsepower. Plus, just look at this thing. It’s aerodynamic and drop-dead gorgeous!


lamborghini 2020
Auto Express

Total Horsepower: 6,539

2020 was a crappy year in most ways, but at least Lamborghini gave us some stuff to smile about. The highest power numbers they put up were the Sian with 808 horsepower and the Sian Roadster with 819. We also got an awesome new model of the SUV Urus, the spiritual successor of the old-school Lamborghini truck. I just wish Kanye didn’t completely ruin the one he got


mclaren speedtail 2020
Classic Driver

Total Horsepower: 7,004

McLaren makes some of the coolest-looking hypercars on God’s green earth, and of course, we all know that they’ve got the power of Thor’s hammer inside them. But the star of the show this year was the limited-run Speedtail, weighing in at a ridiculous 1,035 horsepower! All that power comes from a twin-turbo’d 4-liter V8 with a parallel hybrid eMotor system. And with a top speed of 250 miles per hour, the Speedtail is a straight-up bat out of hell. 


bugatti 2020

Total Horsepower: 7,260

So, Bugatti has pretty much perfected the craft of building unbelievably fast cars with mind-boggling power output numbers. This year they literally did not make a car that had under 1000 horsepower. And the Chiron Super Sport 300+ is currently the third fastest production car in the world with 1,500 horsepower and a top speed of 304 miles per hour, behind only the Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut and the Devel Sixteen. And the Bugatti Centodieci has even more horsepower than the Super Sport 300+! Those guys at Bugatti have a penchant for power.


audi 2020
Car Magazine

Total Horsepower: 8,924

Audi’s lineup in 2020 included a massive 25 different models, and if you can’t find something you like in there, there probably isn’t a car on this Earth that could satisfy you. Power output for Audi this year was pretty solid across the board, with the highest being the RS Q8 SUV that pushes 591 horses and retails around $115,000. The weakest link was the A3 with 184 horsepower, and hey, the A3 is still a solid car. Audi gets a thumbs up for the year 2020.


bmw 2020

Total Horsepower: 9,094

It’s no surprise that the company that put out the most models in 2020, also has the most horsepower, especially when you find out it’s BMW. They rolled out some serious powerful vehicles like the M8 and M760, both with 600 ponies. But then they rolled out the German cousin of the Chevy Spark, the BMW i3 with 170 horsepower. Hey, at least they broke 100.

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