When Can You Buy Neuralink Stock?

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In case you haven’t heard, Elon Musk is basically trying to put iPhone capabilities right inside your brain! If you haven’t heard about Neuralink, they’re a company dedicated to combining the power of the human brain with the power of technology, by integrating the two and putting hardware right into people’s brains. It sounds like a sci-fi movie, but Neuralink will start off by using technology to cure certain diseases, but will eventually move into the world of human brain enhancement! One day you may be able to take calls, Google search information, and even see the world through an augmented lens. Now that’s futuristic!  

Can You Buy Neuralink Stock?

So, if tech implants in the human brain are the future, I bet you want to invest in Neuralink stock! Well, unfortunately, Neuralink is not a publicly-traded company yet. At the moment, they have many investors, with Elon Musk having the biggest buy-in at $100 million. The other $58 million of funding for the company comes from Craft Ventures, DFJ Growth, Dreamers VC, Future Ventures, and Valor Equity Partners. Surely, with so much interest from the tech world and from Wall Street, Neuralink has a promising future, but it’s just too early to get a slice of the pie as an individual investor.

When Will Neuralink Have Its IPO?

There’s really been no indication from the company about when it plans to go public. There’s also no way of knowing what the share price will be when they do go public. While the current valuation of the company is around $500 million, a lot could change as this technology starts to advance. 

Should You Invest in Neuralink When It Has Its IPO?

Well, when you’re deciding, you should look around and see if a bunch of your friends already have brain implants first! It will be interesting to see, once Neuralink technology is fully developed and approved by the government for mass distribution, if the general public will adopt such a radical technology. There’s also the fact that a company like Neuralink has never existed before, so it’s very difficult to assess the revenue-generating potential of the technologies they’re developing. The massive amount of research and development that goes into creating brain-augmenting technology certainly comes at a high cost, so it may take quite a few years for Neuralink to recuperate its losses.

With that being said, if brain implantations enjoy a high adoption rate, Neuralink will be on the forefront of this technological field, as no other companies are putting quite as many of their eggs in that basket. If you believe that technological brain augmentation is the future that we’re inevitably moving towards, the you should consider following any news surrounding Neuralink, and consider investing when and if their company goes public.

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