5 Cars That You Can Flip For Profit

E46 m3 with mods
Photo by Tim Meyer on Unsplash

Owning and driving cars is pretty awesome, and we think we can state that without needing to cite a source. However, it sucks to buy a sweet ride and then watch it lose value every month. 

Stocks are pretty awesome. They sit there and make you money. However, and again we are saying this without citing anything, they are really boring. They just sit there. 

What if you could have both? Like a stock that is fun to drive?

It turns out that there actually are some cars that do appreciate. Strap in, because we are going to look at five cars that we think will go up in value over the next few years. Yes, it’s a lot of speculation, but it’s also a lot of fun. We hope. 

The Honda S2000

Number one is a car that I think everyone should drive, a Honda S2000. It has one of the best transmissions ever built, and that makes it an absolute joy to just cruise around in. 

Plus, it’s pure Honda, so it’ll last forever and be ultra lightweight and easy to maintain and etc. The biggest tragedy is that Honda decided to stop building them, presumably because they wanted to give other companies a chance to make a fun RWD sports car. Not that anyone took them up on that offer…

The fact that they stopped building them is good news for you, since you’re an Ideal investor (see what we did there?). The lack of production means they are only going to get more rare over time, and scarcity drives up price.  

Right now they are sitting at around 25K on average. So if you can find one for like 23 grand, you’d already be on top. No matter what, the prices are on the rise. Buy one, drive it around with a huge smile on your face, and sell it for a profit. Take that index funds. 

The Honda CRX

Number Two today is another Honda. A much more traditional Honda. It’s not RWD, it’s got a usable hatch, and it doesn’t look like anything fun. However, it might actually be more fun to drive. Blasphemy, we know, but old Hondas have a charm that nothing else has. 

Before the Type R, before the Integra, there was the mighty C.R.X! 

Everyone, and we mean like everyone in the 90s, took them and abused the hell out of them. That means there just aren’t that many left. It’s hard to even FIND one with less than 100k on the clock. Not that high mileage really matters on an old Honda, but still. If you’re flipping a car, less miles is more better. 

Right now, 80s cars are HOT. Everyone seems to want all the cars we used to hate, like Fox Bodies and MkIII Supras. The problem is that most of those cars are a nightmare to own, and many of them are hard to live with. The CRX isn’t. It’s easy to own, and if you’re brave, they make a perfect daily. 

Oh, and most importantly for today’s list, they are only going up in value. 

The Ford Raptor V8

Number three is something completely different. It has twice as many cylinders, and about four hundred times the weight. That’s actually what makes it a great choice as an investment, since high gas prices and a shift towards electric make this beast a rarity. 

It’s called the Ford Raptor. Thanks to Ford’s push to ruin everything the “real” Raptors, the ones with V8s, are going extinct. That makes them a good investment, in our opinion. 

There are going to be a lot of older V8s that go up in value for the same reasons. Companies just aren’t going to be making them for much longer. Trucks might be the exception, though, because so many people think that trucks NEED big engines.

But… Gas prices are hurting people’s wallets, so they are tempted to just get rid of their gas guzzling trucks. That makes them a great investment right now between people being nostalgic for V8s, and people wanting to save money. 

The Dodge Demon

The Dodge Demon is also a V8 powered car that people are hesitant to keep because of high gas prices, but it has one very important distinction compared to the trucks. It’s rare. 

And it’s the one I’d buy. The Dodge Demon is straight up one of the fastest ¼ cars you can buy, and proof that there are still some American heroes. 

More importantly for today, the Demon has the perfect trifecta of appreciation. There’s never going to be another demon, they were rare to begin with, and people keep wrecking them making them more rare.

Except… Except right now people who have gas guzzling monsters are trying to offload them, which means that even with car prices being strangely high you can get an SRT Demon for a few grand under the yearly average. We don’t think that will last very long. 

The BMW M3 E46 

Finally, we have the BMW M3. The E46 one, the one from the video game, and the last “real” one if you ask some people. We are that people – drive by wire sucks. 

We know that most of you don’t have half a million dollars for a Mercedes, but you want to be driving around in something nicer than an old Honda. This is the perfect option. Not only are they the last of the golden era of BMW, but there are still enough of them on the road that they aren’t unobtainable. 

You can dive into the greatest M3 for less than 25 thousand still, and when you sell it, you will probably get more than you paid for it. It’s one of the best looking BMWs, and the best driving, and it will outperform the S&P 500. Probably, we can’t see into the future. Yet. 

So that’s all for today, which one do you wish was in YOUR garage?

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