7 Side Jobs To Make Extra Money in 2021

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I get it, sometimes after work you just want sit down and binge a full season of Game of Thrones. But I hate to break it to you, you could be missing out on some serious money. Today, in 2021, there are some side jobs you could be doing that don’t take up that much time, and could put $50, $100, or even way more money into your pocket every single day.

So, if you want to see your bank account rise like a Valyrian dragon in flight, you’ve got to check out these 7 side hustles. These are the 7 side jobs to make money in 2021! 

#1: Sell Stuff on eBay

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One of the best side hustles to make some extra dough is selling stuff on eBay! And I thought it right to start out this list with this one because I personally have a lot of experience with being an eBay vendor. And the best part is you don’t need any money to get started! Just start collecting all that old junk you have stashed away in your attic and start listing it!

eBay allows you to list up to 200 items every month without paying a single insertion fee. Sure, if you actually sell the item, they’re going to take a percentage of the profits, but if you’re selling old junk that you don’t use anyway, that’s pure profit! 

If you get deeper into the eBay game and start selling more than 200 items per month, you’ll have to start paying insertion fees, but at that point, you probably have enough rapport on the eBay marketplace to consistently turn a profit. 

You can even start buying up items for the purpose of selling them on your eBay store! I used to buy gaming consoles, take them apart, and sell them for parts. I knew that it was easier to turn a profit by selling the consoles piece by piece rather than as a whole. You see? If you’re smart about it, you can easily make some solid side money flipping stuff on eBay!

With this next side hustle, you might also find yourself selling on eBay, but there are plenty of other places that people look for secondhand furniture as well! 

#2: Start Flipping Furniture

old couch resale

Have you ever been walking around your neighborhood and seen an old couch or chair or desk on the side of the road? And you thought, Wow, that looks like it’s in pretty good condition, I wonder why they’re throwing that out? 

Well, the truth is that most people are just too lazy to fix or even donate their old furniture, so it ends up out on the curb. But, as you know, one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure! If you have some garage space and maybe a pickup truck, you can start collecting that furniture and selling it online! 

Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and other selling apps like Chairish are all popular places that people buy secondhand furniture. Even if the piece of furniture isn’t in perfect condition, sometimes a coat of paint or a little bit of stitching will make it look brand new, and people will pay big bucks for it! 

If you really want to find furniture to flip, you can also shop for deals at Goodwill or other thrift stores, local garage sales, or buy up furniture on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and flip it for a profit! 

People are making thousands of dollars a week spending just a few hours collecting and selling furniture online. So, why aren’t you?

This next side gig requires nothing more than a computer and a comprehension of the English language, which if you’re reading this on a laptop, you already have! 

#3: Teach English Online

online english teacher

As the world around us grows more and more connected, international business relations are becoming more and more important, and non-native English speakers are increasingly turning to the internet to boost their English skills. As a result, plenty of online English courses have popped up to fill that demand, and those courses need teachers. 

Imagine getting paid to teach English to adults in Singapore, kids in China, or teenagers in the UAE, all from the comfort of your own home! Most of these online services require their teachers to have an Associates degree, and sometimes to have a TEFL certificate, which you can take an online course to get. 

But, once you get that certificate, you can make some great money teaching English online. Seriously, I know people who do this as their full-time job. And if you already have another job, a lot of the time you can teach English in the evenings because your students live on the other side of the world, and your 10:00 pm is their 10:00 am! 

There are a ton of companies offering online English courses: VIPKid, Cambly, SayABC, Education First, Dada, and PalFish are just a few that come to mind. So, what are you waiting for? Go look into teaching English online and start making money! 

Maybe you don’t consider yourself a very good teacher, but, man, do you know your way around a grocery store. Well, then this next side hustle might be the one for you!

#4: Work as a Personal Shopper

grocery store

We all know about those shopping services that save you the hassle of going to the supermarket. It seems like most people are perfectly comfortable with paying the $20 to $25 fee to get their groceries delivered straight to their front doors. But not you! You’re a hustler, and you want that $20 going right into your pocket! 

So, go sign up to be a grocery shopper with an app like InstaCart or Shipt! You’ve got to be 18 years old, have a clean driving and criminal record, and have a car and a smartphone. But, other than that, pretty much anyone can do it, and you can always set your own hours. 

If you’d rather cut out the middleman and not have to pay part of your fee to an app, I’ve seen people offering personal shopper services on their own by marketing themselves to their community with flyers, through social media, or offering their services door-to-door. 

Most of the time, you’re looking at around $20 to $25 per trip whether you’re working independently or through an app. Not bad. And if you have to shop for yourself anyway, you can kill two birds with one stone! Who wouldn’t want to get paid to pick up someone else’s groceries when you already have to go to the store yourself? 

But, maybe you hate the grocery store, and all you want to do is sit on the couch and scroll through your Instagram. Well, there’s a side hustle for you, you social media fiend! 

#5: Become a Social Media Manager

instagram manager

In the internet age of today, an essential part of any successful business is a strong social media presence. However, many business owners, especially the old farts, have no idea how to navigate, much less manage, social media accounts! That’s where you come in, my little phone addicts. 

By reaching out to companies, you could get hired as a social media manager even if you don’t have any prior experience! If you have hella followers on IG, or your Twitter is totally lit, companies are going to hop all over your ability to create internet clout. 

So, start sending some DMs and emails! Working as a social media manager, you might be involved in creating new accounts, creating and scheduling engaging posts and ads, replying to comments, creating images, analyzing data on traffic, reach, and engagement, reaching out to other social media accounts for mentions or features, and making sure that there’s brand consistency across all social media platforms. 

If there are any senior citizens watching this, they probably have no idea what I just said. But for you Millennials and Gen-Zers, this side hustle is right in your wheelhouse.

But, maybe you’re on the older side, you have a solid 401K, a wife and kids, and a nice house with a big backyard. Well, that backyard could be earning money while you’re watching this video! 

#6: Rent Out Your Backyard or Pool

backyard pool

That’s right! There are actually services today where you can rent out your backyard or pool for other people to use. We all know that pools are basically money pits, and maybe you regret getting one installed and having to pay thousands every year in repair and utilities costs. Well, it’s time to reclaim some of those costs! 

Download Swimply right now and start making money on your pool! This app allows pool owners to upload photos of their pool, as well as amenities like hot tubs, waterfalls, pool toys, or whatever, and then list when their pool is available to rent. 

You can set your own price and Swimply takes a 15% cut. So, let’s say you rent out your pool for two hours at $50 per hour, which is a pretty standard price on the service, you just made $85 to sit on your butt for two hours while people swim in your pool! 

But, maybe you opted not to get the pool, and went with a tennis court, or a basketball court, or a private gym, or just a really cool backyard. Well, you’re in luck too! JoySpace, another platform from the same people behind Swimply, is currently in development, and will allow you to rent out your private space in pretty much the same way. 

Maybe you’re not the wealthy guy with the big house, though. Maybe you’re more of the starving artist type. Well, you might just be able to monetize your creativity after all! 

#7: Write an eBook

self published author

If you like to write as a hobby, why not try to turn that hobby into some zeroes in your bank account?Write a book, you modern Shakespeare! While it was almost impossible to get a book published in past years, the Amazon Kindle Store has made it extremely easy for authors to self-publish and market their own books. 

And while you might not win the Pulitzer Prize, plenty of authors have made a living by self-publishing on Amazon. Romance books are currently the most popular on Amazon, and mystery books are pretty popular too. 

Plus, eBooks on Amazon are often considerably shorter than traditional novels, which makes it even easier for you to write a story and self-publish it on Amazon. Get typing, you budding Hemingway, you! 

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