The 6 Best Wallets for Men Under $100

best mens wallets

The kind of wallet you carry your cash and cards in can really make a statement to the world about what kind of guy you are. When you go to pay, are you pulling out a skull-patterned wallet attached to a chain, a fine piece of Italian leather, or the dreaded duct tape wallet. Hey, I’ve rocked a duct tape wallet in my life too. There’s no shame in it. However, if you want to move up to something a little classier, I’m here to tell you about some of the best men’s wallets you can buy without breaking the bank. 

Sure, we’d all love to keep our money in a Versace wallet with that iconic Medusa head stamped on it, but those things cost hundreds of dollars and it’s hard to justify spending that much money. After all, what’s the point of having a nice wallet if it’s going to be empty? With that being said, you don’t need to spend a ton of money to have a wallet that looks sophisticated and professional. In this article, I’m going to give you some options for wallets that you can purchase for under $100 that will still make you look like a business mogul or a successful entrepreneur. So, here are the 6 best wallets for men under $100:

Herschel Charlie Wallet

herschel charlie leather wallet

When it comes to a classy place to put your cash and cards, there’s nothing better than a simple leather wallet. And that’s exactly what Herschel, a company well known for their high-quality backpacks, delivers with their 100% leather Charlie Wallet. The inside lining is made of a durable polyester that grips to cards and cash and makes sure that you don’t lose anything on the go. 

One of the best advantages of the Charlie Wallet is how thin it is. A lot of leather wallets can be clunky and heavy, but the Charlie will feel weightless in your pocket regardless of how much cash you pack in it. It’s also got several slots to keep your cards in, including a convenient front slot so you can grab your credit or debit card quickly while you’re on the move. 

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Carhartt Canvas Men’s Billfold

carhartt canvas mens wallet

Carhartt is a name that’s synonymous with durability, and their wallets live up to that reputation. The Carhartt Canvas Men’s Billfold is made of 90% canvas and 10% genuine leather, both of which are of the highest quality and will probably last you your entire life. On top of that, the spine of the wallet is reinforced with metal rivets, making it even more durable and giving it a nice blue-collar aesthetic. 

The Carhartt Canvas Men’s Billfold is perfect for the working man and the outdoorsman. No, it’s not going to look great with a three-piece suit, but if you spend most of your days wearing work boots or hiking boots, this is the wallet for you. It’s going to last forever, keep your money and cards safe, and feel comfortable in your hand and in your pocket. 

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Flowfold Recycled Sailcloth Trifold

flowfold recycled sailcloth trifold

If you’re looking for something a little more unique than your average leather or canvas wallet, check out the Flowfold Recycled Sailcloth Trifold. As the name implies, this wallet is made mostly from recycled carbon fiber sailcloth that’s held together by a polyester lining. Of course, that means that the wallet is fully waterproof and exceptionally durable. So, you’ll have a wallet that sets you apart from all your friends and will last you your entire lifetime. 

Another added benefit of the Flowfold Recycled Sailcloth Trifold is that you’ll be helping to reduce your carbon footprint by buying one. For one, no animals have to die for these wallets to be made. And instead of using precious natural resources, the Flowfold Recycled Sailcloth Trifold is made from recycled materials. If you’re looking for something durable, unique, stylish, and environmentally conscious, this is the wallet for you. 

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The Ridge Wallet Authentic

the ridge wallet authentic

There are some pretty durable wallets out there, but The Ridge Wallet Authentic takes it to an entirely new level. First of all, it comes with a lifetime guarantee, meaning that if anything ever breaks off of your wallet, you can send it in to The Ridge and get an entirely new one. That’s probably never going to be necessary, though, because this wallet is made of military-grade aluminum with durable screws holding it together. It also features an elastic cash strap so that you can easily access your greenbacks at a moment’s notice. 

One of the most important advantages of The Ridge Wallet Authentic is that it has RFID-blocking capabilities, which means that criminals can’t use RFID technology to steal your card numbers and spend your hard-earned money. This wallet is also partially made of gunmetal, so it might just save you from a gunshot if you’re lucky, but let’s hope it never comes to that. 

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Mountain Voyage Premium Minimalist Wallet

mountain voyage minimalist wallet

If you want to take the forest with you wherever you go, there’s no better wallet for you than the Mountain Voyage Premium Minimalist Wallet. This wallet is made of wood and metal, making it extremely durable and giving it a stylish aesthetic that looks right at home in the wilderness or in the city. The design also features a removable money clip so you can carry cash if you want to, or remove the clip for a more sleek and slim feel. 

The Mountain Voyage Premium Minimalist Wallet also has effective RFID protection capabilities that will protect your card numbers from potential thieves. And on top of all that, these wallets are produced through a sustainable process so you can feel good about your impact on the environment. 

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Fossil Ingram Leather Bifold

fossil ingram leather bifold wallet

If the number one thing you’re looking for in a wallet is a sophisticated and classy look, then you should get yourself a Fossil Ingram Leather Bifold. This wallet has no frills and no nonsense; it’s a simple leather wallet that features a minimalist aesthetic and all the essentials. The exterior is made entirely of cowhide leather and the inside is made of man-made materials that will keep your cash and cards safe. It features a large pocket for cash, several slots for cards, and even a transparent ID window where you can easily show your driver’s license or other ID. 

Fossil is a brand that has built a reputation for being classy and stylish. This wallet looks right at home in the pocket of your best suit, in a pair of khaki shorts on the golf course, or in a pair of jeans at the worksite. Also, the Fossil Ingram Leather Bifold features that all-important RFID blocking technology to keep your card numbers a secret. 

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