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Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changessssss! That’s right, all things good or bad must come to an end eventually. But the year 2021 means the end of a couple cars that we are seriously sad about. And a couple that the world could do without… Whether you like it or not, there’s a whole bunch of models that won’t make it to 2021, and I’m going to run you through what they are. 

Listen up! Because these cars are now discontinued!

BMW i8

silver bmw i8 outdoors

BMW will be dropping one seriously stylish member of its lineup in 2021. The i8 looks like it came back from the future with its exterior design, and its gas-sippin’ engine paired with a couple electric motors was a technology ahead of its time. 

But it kind of makes sense that the i8 is getting dropped, its power output came as a disappointment to anyone impressed by its supercar styling. The i8 put out a measly 369 horsepower, which, you know, is impressive, until you consider that the 2020 model retailed for around $150,000, and this car looks like it should be able to blast off straight to the moon. 

It’s likely that the i8 will be replaced in the lineup by a car with a similar concept, even if it’s not called the i8. Let’s hope that next time they put a little more power in it.

Alfa Romeo 4C

blue alfa romeo 4c
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Alfa has always struggled with reliability, but the 4C was pretty much the polar opposite of the word durable. And that reflected pretty hard in their sales. Despite this sleek-looking sports car going for around $50,000 new, they only sold 144 spiders and coupes in the entire 2019 year! And in 2020, they’ll be lucky to break 100. 

I guess word got around that these cars break down as soon as you drive them off the lot, and consumers weren’t in love with the idea of weekly visits to the mechanic. We’re sad to see many of the cars on this list go, but the 4C is just better off dead.

Chevrolet Impala

red chevrolet impala
GM Authority

The first Chevy Impala hit the streets in 1958, and since then, the name has been used off and on for cars that defined the American muscle car category, and modern mid-sized sedans like the 2020 model. But one thing is for sure, everyone’s heard of the Impala. It’s appeared all over pop culture since its birth, and has become probably the most famous car in the lowrider community. 

But before you start crying over the end of the Impala era, don’t worry, Chevy’s done this before. I’m sure they’ll roll out some hybrid subcompact called the 2030 Impala in a few years. And sure, it may look nothing like the original muscle cars, but that name is just too good.

Cadillac CT6

black cadillac ct6
Guide Auto

A car which was once the prized child for Cadillac is now being thrown in the trash for 2021. The CT6 was the first Cadillac to ever receive General Motors’s Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving system, and now these robotic rides are being declared obsolete. It seems like Cadillac may be singing the SUV blues, since they must’ve put a lot of effort rolling out this high-tech super sedan, only to take it off their lineup 5 years later. 

It’s a shame that the CT6 didn’t survive too, because this is one seriously rad Caddy. Particularly the CT6-V, the performance trim. It was classy and luxurious, had that Cadillac design language that screams money in the bank, and when you look under the hood… a 4.2-liter 32-valve supercharged DOHC Blackwing V8 putting out 550 horsepower. Show me an SUV that can compete with that!

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

silver ford mustang shelby gt350
Motor Authority

Oh how I wish it weren’t true, but 2020 will go down in history as the final year of the manual transmission Mustang Shelby. In 2021, Ford plans to stop producing models of the Mustang Shelby GT350 and it’s track-ready variant, the GT350R, in order to focus on the 760-horsepower supercharged GT500, which unfortunately, is not available with a manual. Sure, it’s got a pretty cool dual-clutch auto, but it’s just not the same. 

The GT350 was fun while it lasted, though. This milder version of the GT500 was still able to crank 526 horsepower out of its flat-plane V8, and could hit 60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds. No, it wasn’t the terrifying beast that it’s brother the GT500 is, but hey, it came in a manual! Really hope the GT350 makes a comeback…

Toyota Yaris

white toyota yaris
Mountain Democrat

Now here’s a name that should’ve been discontinued a long time ago… Seriously, what the hell is a Yaris? It just sounds like a dirty word, and doesn’t make me want to drive one. But despite the awful name and the pretty bad rep that the Yaris has gotten, this car wasn’t all bad

It’s a Toyota, so you know it’s reliable, it handles better than a lot of sports cars, and it’s engine has fantastic tuning potential. All of those factors make the Yaris a potential sleeper that will leave Ferraris flabbergasted when you pass them on the left. Eh… that might be a stretch…

People don’t seem to excited about the Yaris anymore though, with only 22,000 units sold last year. Instead they seem to be opting for the Corolla, which has been flying off the lot in 2020.

Ford Fusion

silver ford fusion

Ford Motor Company is doing away with their mid-sized sedans, not only under the Ford marque, but Lincoln too! In addition to discontinuing the Ford Fusion, which has been around since 2006, they will also stop production of the Lincoln MKZ. That means Lincoln will be an SUV-only brand in 2021, and the only passenger cars Ford will still produce are the Mustang and the GT. 

However, there’s word that the Fusion may return like a phoenix from the ashes, but this time as a Subaru Outback-esque crossover wagon. They’re planning to call it the Fusion Active, probably to appeal to all you health-crazed Gen Zers. But whether or not it’ll have a hybrid version remains to be seen.

The Ford Fusion sedan was offered in with a gas-powered engine, as well as an Energi plug-in hybrid version. But despite the trend toward electric cars, the Fusion sedan couldn’t sell itself well enough to survive. See you when you’re a wagon!

Lexus GS

silver lexus gs
Car and Driver

I’m not going to cry or anything, but I’m seriously sad to see the Lexus GS go. Offered as a somewhere-in-the-middle option between the rear-drive LS and front-drive ES, the GS series was a cool, calm, and collected group of cars that was easy to overlook. And with so many people choosing an alternative Lexus sedan, the GS is now going out of production. What a shame. 

But the GS isn’t dropping off the Earth completely, the last 200 GS 350 models are set to be released as GS 350 F Sport Black Line special editions in the end of 2020. This last ditch effort for the 350 will sell at just over $55,000 new. 

And if that’s out of your budget, just wait around. In the next few years, the GS is going to be a great option on the secondhand market. I’m talking all that silent luxury you expect from Lexus at super affordable prices!

Mercedes-Benz SLC-Class

yellow mercedes-benz SLC class

I see how it is, the Tesla Roadster is set to come out with its fancy jet engine and suddenly there’s no more room for other roadsters on the market. Well, I am slightly upset that this is the end of the Mercedes SLC-Class. The 2020 SLC started at under $50,000 and came with a solid 241 horsepower in the base trim. Plus, it’s got all the sleek stylings you could ask for and a retractable hardtop! What’s not to like? 

Well, apparently the market would disagree with me, because sales on the SLC-Class have been tanking since it was called the SLK in the early 2000s. Did they really think changing one letter would boost its popularity? Anyway, the SLC seemed to be overshadowed by its big brother, the SL, which is objectively sleeker and more powerful. I guess the SLC was too expensive for the blue collar market but not cool enough for the financial elite.

But if you like that SLC/SLK style, you can find good used examples on Autotempest for under $20,000. Who says you have to spend a fortune on a drop-top Merc?

Honda Fit

orange honda fit

Yes, that’s right, the tiny little Honda Fit will be getting the chop come 2021. If you follow Ideal, you’ve probably heard us bring up the Fit a lot, and that’s because it’s kind of an awesome car for what it is. It’s inexpensive, pretty safe, fairly fun to drive, and you can fit it into any parking space on the planet! Ok… that jokes getting old…

Since the Fit came out in 2006, it’s been an all-star in the subcompact hatchback class, so it’s a bit of a surprise that Honda’s getting rid of it. However, they do plan to do some more heavy promotion for the HR-V, a subcompact crossover SUV that they’re hoping people will buy as their entry-level ride. Honda also seems to be making the transition away from passenger cars, as they’ll also be discontinuing the Civic coupe in 2021.

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